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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 16
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All Richard wanted to hear was “All is done” or something close. The therapist refused to tell him that. Instead, he chose his everyday words that didn’t fit. The man arranged his spectacles the way he did when about vomiting something important.

“Disorders might take years to heal, but it does heal with the right approach. The hospital has done its part. What is left is hers. And yours. She would leave the hospital, but that doesn’t end her therapy. It’s only a transition from one phase to another. The new phase is very fragile and has to be done perfectly. She is now at your watch, yours, and no one else’s.” He pointed a finger to Richard. “You’re now the one to do the talks. You’re now her therapist. She should be able to confide in you, so you can be aware of any lapse she makes, and if such happens often, do the good of coming here. If this phase is done perfectly, her illness would forever be history.”

That would have been easy but for the way the therapist had sounded. Never expect anything good from the doctors; that didn’t apply to only those in the surgery wards. Worse here. Worse in a psychiatric hospital. “Any idea on how to do that effectively?”

“Stay close and be very sensitive. I know it isn’t easy for a man of your status, considering your work and all, but spare some time for the woman.”
Now that his work needed time, he had been asked to cut out of the little he had, the little he shared with his woman.
“What if she remains here, then I will come see her at intervals? Maybe spend few minutes after closure from work.”
“Here?” The therapist’s left cheek folded up. “Right now, here is a cage to her, which is the last thing you’d want.” The therapist paused and Richard sensed the formation of another set of words—another set of dangerous words. “She’ll have to lodge with you, or you lodge with her. You’ve been the one with her since her therapy began. I can’t risk you being too far from her, because your work won’t allow you see her much often. And I can’t risk her staying in a house alone, not at this stage of her recovery.”

Non-sequitur. Worse than what he had thought. He didn’t live alone. He lived with a woman; that was supposed to make the therapist come up with another option, but it didn’t. Make your partner close to her, he said. They were both women. It could be an advantage and would reduce the workload.
The truth that Ezinne had never been a fan was hard to deny. The girl stole her perfume, and that was not a thing to like someone for. “What if I can’t have her in my house? And of course, I can’t stay in hers.”
“I didn’t expect to have trouble from you. The trouble I think I should have is getting her to agree lodging with you or you with her. This last phase can either strengthen her health or melt it back to its very bad onset.”
“How many weeks are we talking?”
“All goes well, then it may not exceed a month.”

A month. That contained four weeks that housed so many days.

“You should go see her before the day gets darker.”

It was already dark enough. He rose and headed for the door.

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