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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Richard trod the hallway, managing a gesture to the staffs that greeted good morning. He advanced into Jide’s office and met him hunched at the keyboard. Jide stopped punching and asked for his painting samples. He whined a little on hearing Richard wasn’t with it.

“I need the spare keys. I forgot my key at home,” Richard said.
Jide opened a file cabinet and fumbled for the keys. The bunch of keys rattled as he brought them out and dropped them on the desk. “When did you become this forgetful?”

Richard attempted standing but remained on his friend’s words.
“How’s the girl?” Jide gave him a glance.
That wasn’t the best question for the morning. He covered face with palms and breathed into them, wishing the words he was about to utter were untrue. “She’s not good. Her urge is creeping in again.”
Jide leaned to his backrest and placed a thumb on his chin. “I thought the doctor took care of that.”

“It’s not a stable issue. Sometimes stress and lack of comfort may sprout the urges.”
“Why is she stressed or uncomfortable?”
“Maybe the house. It might not be the best place for her.”

Jide supported his chin with a palm and stared at the printer. “What about her painting? I thought that relieved her.”
“It’s complicated. Last we spoke, she insisted on leaving.”

“Leaving? She can’t leave now that she’s unstable.”

“She’s insisting. What can I do.” He hoped for helping words from his friend. Good words always formed from his lips.
Jide suggested a talk with the therapist might help; the doctor might be able to talk some sense into her. That would have been good, but she was stiff to not returning to the hospital. She didn’t want to see the therapist, nurses nor the building.

“I don’t want to go above limits,” Richard said, “that might worsen her case. There’s a gallery around Tin-can Island for sale. I’ll buy her that. I pray she accepts. Something like that could control the urges. That’s the best I can do. I’ve done all I could.”
Jide sighed. “Richard, don’t you think that is too much.”

Richard looked down to his fingernails, stared at them and raised his head back to Jide. “Yes, it is. Think of it, everything I’ve done for this woman is a little too much. I want this woman to be cured. I want to have that feeling that you know, I helped someone who stole from me. Very few persons can do that. I want to be among that few. I’m a Christian, and most times I don’t just feel like one. Helping this woman is the only thing that still makes me able to call myself that.”
“Explain her issue to the therapist.”
She didn’t want the therapist. He rose and adjusted his tie. “You know any good boutique around except Feji’s? I need a new suit for the wedding.”

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