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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 32
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When the wall clock ticked three, Lauren ended the discussion with her Aunt. Since the two days she came, there had been lots of America and Europe gist. Mum had said a lot, so nothing her aunt said was new.
She stretched to a side of her bed for her jacket and flung it over a shoulder. “Want to go get my car done.” She buttoned down the jacket and rose.

“Your car has an issue?”
“It’s not engines, but it’s an issue.”
Aunt Juliana rose and stretched her spaghetti strap to cover her cleavage that refused covering. Big breasts for a small body, the only thing that showed she and mum were sisters. If she were black, men would be all over her. Black men had this thing for big breasts. She must be receiving a double portion of stares wherever she walked past. White plus big-breasted; what a combination. “You mind me following you?” she asked.
Bad idea. Very bad idea. “I wouldn’t stress you. Mum might need you. There’s a lot of catching for you two.”

“I think I have more catching up to do with you. I’m going with you, Lau.”
The former Aunt Juliana had never been this pushy. In fact, was never pushy. Nigeria changed people. Lauren smirked to remove any grimace that might have unconsciously found its way. “I insist you don’t follow me.”

“Lau, Why?”
She sighed and dropped shoulders. “’Cause I can repair a car on my own.” She picked her car keys from the desk and tried using a smile to remove any unwanted scene. “See you when I get back.”
Cars were still parked at Erneto’s parking lot when she got there. Jide’s Toyota stood in that large space created for the COO. Lauren parked at a suitable space and strode to the building, entered the reception and flirted with the clerk and the people roaming with papers.

At past four, Jide’s office was still open, his secretary’s hands still on the keyboard. What time did they both leave the office?
Lauren called and stole some attention. The secretary spared her a look with those Jessica Alba’s eyes that every man, no matter how strong, would drown in. She never wore anything other than button-ups, knee skirts or full trousers, and that was supposed to be a good thing, but it wasn’t. Cleavage-showing tops and hips-revealing skirts would be much better, to do a perfect job in scaring away the good African man that needed to be scared. In all the African movies she had watched, the good men always ended with the woman that buttoned to the neck, not the one that showed the widest cleavage and juicy laps.
The secretary telephoned Jide and told him the white girl wanted to see him, called her white girl as if she was some kind of white weirdo.

Lauren opened the door. Jide was placing some papers in his file cabinet, causing him to give her a half face. First words he said—Exams over? What an old young man.
“I was hoping you’d direct me to where I could get a tear on my car chair done.”
He closed the file cabinet and gave her a full face. “You still drive unlicensed?”
“I’ll stop when I get caught. Till then, I need the tear mended.”
“It’s four-thirty. You can mend your tear tomorrow. A tear on a chair can be done anytime.”
“You’re rounding up. If you leave now, I think we wouldn’t waste more than thirty minutes.”
He pursed lips, and the lips thinned as though begging for a kiss. “Lau, pity me. I’m tired.”

“I’m not arguing that. If I knew the place, there’d be no need bothering you.”
The telephone buttons squeaked as he punched them. He phoned his secretary to start rounding up and hooked the receiver to its cradle. “Where’s the car?”
“Parked outside.”
“Is it leather?”
“It’s lion’s skin.”
“When I’m done, we’ll go. There’s a carpenter at my house street. I don’t know if he’ll be able to do it.” He continued clearing his desk of the numerous papers. “How were the exams?”
She huffed. After much praying he never asked that question, he yet asked. “Some were fine, while some could turn out fine.”
A half smile nearly folded his cheek into a dimple. She studied the forming dimple and wished her finger could poke it and turn it into a full one.

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