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Two Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 50
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“No one is avoiding anybody.” He eased over to her and rested a hand on her lap and she thanked God she was on shorts that didn’t cover the whole laps. “You shouldn’t be liking anyone with that kind of like, especially at this your age and level. The reason is you are a woman, a full grown beautiful woman. When the time comes, you’ll find more suitors than you need.” He patted her lap and eased back to his horse. “Let’s ride to the stables?”
At least, he could still speak to her—preach to her.

Bad idea to have let out her little secret, but good she did.

The ride would be memorable, so memorable.
They rode to the stables. A long ride. School came to her mind: the saucy lecturers, the boys, the girls. That was what she needed.
Richard touched his mouth with a napkin and picked his car key from the table. He gave Ezinne a peck and headed for the door.
She watched him strode past the door. He finished his meal today. That hadn’t happened for many days.
She ate the remainder of her bread and gulped down the whole tea, before heading to her room to prepare for the first day of March.
The road to Bakare’s was without traffic jam. She parked in front of his bungalow and stepped into the compound. His Chevrolet parked at its space confirmed he was in. She dialled him to come open, and yet waited for eternity before he appeared.

“You’re looking good today,” he said.
She ignored the comment.
“Say ‘thank you’ to a man’s comment. That’s what every woman does.”
If he had decided to play sassy today, she had no problem with it. Sassy, she had seen before. She had seen all his feigned moods.
A better painting of his orchard and another of himself hung at the wall. Probably the kleptomaniac’s work. The painting showed his younger self, when they newly met.
She sat cross-legged on the armchair and zipped open her purse. “I think our businesses have been going well.”
“What could make them not go well? You want another deal. I have any amount you want in stock, as long as you have the money. I don’t think money should be an issue for you.”

“I want another deal. Another two kilos.”
“Done.” He rubbed his frictionless palms together and crossed his legs. “I’ve been wondering, when did you get married?” He played with his toes, gliding them against themselves.

“I don’t believe that concerns you.”
“Why wouldn’t it. How about children, you have any?”

“I don’t believe that concerns you.”
He nodded slowly as though forming a huge bulk of words. “I believe children don’t matter to you.”

“What did you say?” A lump happened in her throat.

“Children don’t matter to drug women. There is proof. You killed your own. That shows—”

“Shut up, Bakare. Shut up.” She managed the lump clogged in her throat from exploding.
“Huh, I touched a spot?”
“Shut up.”

“Someone feeling guilty?”
“I’m leaving.” She tucked her purse under her armpit. “I wish I could kill you right now.”

He glared at her. “Three murders in a lifetime is too much.”
“I hate you. I hate you more than the devil.”
“You killed your children. No one has the right to take a soul out of this world. You’re just a channel and not their creator.”
“You’ll get your pay from my man at the point of exchange.” She stalked out of the room. Bakare Damijo would rot in hell. In its deepest part.

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