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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Am really sorry i could not upload yesterday as promised.My phone was down but i promise to make up.

People say that when u are given an opportunity,you must make use of that opportunity to the fullest.

That is exactly what i did though in a way that is not so good.I had earlier noticed that pearl had this little bit of likeness towards me but i could not follow up because of the previous slap.Immediately i moved inside,i noticed she was more friendly to me.

As i said,Rose stays in the hostel,so at that time i never heard of her.Mrs thomas was also unsually friendly towards me but since i was earlier told she had no male child,i regarded it as a normal stuff.

Beauty was very happy to see me and she was all over me.Funny enough,she was the first girl i would not feel sexually aroused to.

I knew i really loved her so i was more reserved with her.I was given a room close to beauty and pearl’s room and i knew i had to be extra careful.

Luckily for me i would still attend my former school so automatically,i would be going with beauty and pearl every morning.

I was given the first ever phone i would own and that was a samsung s2.I was very happy as i had dreamt of having a phone.

Not that people never attempted to dash me one but phone was greatly prohibited in our orphanage.

I was in the room with beauty and pearl in my room and we were discussing about our school.I got to know that those kids were brought up to be proud and that pride was a normal thing in their house.Pearl talked about her classmates and how many of them were in lust with me.

I wanted to ask if she was one of them but i could not ask because of beauty.

We were laying in a state that i was in the middle and beauty was at the right while pearl was at the left.

I noticed that someone was occasionally brushing my p---k and when i checked,i discovered that it was pearl.I asked beauty why she fought with me when she saw me in the library and she said she thought i was dating cynthia.

She told me she was not against me f-----g other people but i must not share her love with someone else.

I was very happy and i promised to always love her.I had a feeling that pearl was happy hearing what she said.

They were forced to their room by their father after we discussed far into the night.

The next day was a weekend and beauty with pearl went to the saloon.

Something happened after they left which i will explain in the next episode

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