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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Am in need of friends to chat with so please add me.Some situations are meant to happen,but depending on our spiritual stregnth,we can avoid such happenings.That is exactly wat happened when beauty and pearl went to plait their hair.I was browsing through internet on my new phone when i stumble upon a link leading to a p--n site.I clicked the link and was watching it in my room and i was greatly moved.I am not a fan of masturbation so i could not m--------e but since my p---k was hot,i freed it so it could get ‘fresh air’.The mistake i made was that i did not lock the door and while my p---k was throbing,mrs thomas bagged into my room.She gasped when she saw my p---k and she could not move fore about a minute.I immediately wore my trousers and entered the bathroom locking the door.Dont think i was attracted to her because as at that time,i have never being with a married woman so it was disgusting to me.After i left the bathroom,i discovered dat she was gone and i was greatly embarrased. I avoided her like a plague and ensured there was nothing that will involve us together.One thing about me was that i was in love with football and i play for the school team so i always go for training on saturdays.

That unfortunate saturday,i had gone to training and when it was time to go home,i was waiting for the driver to come and pick me.Unfortunately or later fortunately for me,it was mrs thomas that came to pick me.

I entered but i felt very uneasy and i think she noticed me.She asked me why i have been avoiding her and i was speechless.She asked me if it was because of the incident that happened earlier and i said yes.

She told me that i should not trouble myself that it was nothing to her.

I Was a little bit relaxed and we proceded.

She then asked me the most shocking question i ever heard,if that was the true size of my p---k.She asked in a direct way and cared less about decency.

I embarrassingly told her yes and she closed the chapter.

At night during supper,mr thomas travelled leaving me alone with three females.

While we were eating,beauty was busy feeding and romancing me but something went on under the table,Mrs thomas was rubbing her leg on my p---k and pearl was romancing my thighs.

Abeg what should i do?

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