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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 18
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When a girl takes you out,no matter how close you guys are,the girl actually feels a little bit of something towards you.

When mary saw me with her friend,she virtually dragged me off her and took me to a corner warning me not to get close with her.

I asked her why but she snapped at me and she left.You brought me to a club and left me alone now you are chasing one of my admirers away from me.It seems her friend already knew she was jealous so she whispered into my that i should meet her outside in about five mine(i was going on a digging mission again and there is no turning back).

I still wonder despite having several unprotected s-x i never caught any disease.

I knew mary was watching me so i went towards the toilet and i took the backdoor out.

I met mary’s friend outside and she took me to a car and whe sat at the back seat.

We were facing ourselves when she suddenly kissed me.

In return,i french kissed her sU-Cking her toungue and lips.

We exchanged saliva and i slowly eased my hands into her blouse.

To my suprise,she wasnt wearing a bra and i guess she would not be in a [email protected]

I took her blouse off while i started sU-Cking off her boobs.

She was m0an!ng very hard and was pressing my head hard into her boobs.

I teased her and i was rubbing my tongue on her n-----s switching between the first and the second and she m0aned out louder.

I took my trousers off and i inserted my d--k deep into her mouth while she gagged me.

I f----d and cummed into her mouth and i took her bum short off preparing to f--k her.

She begged me to sU-Ck her p---y but i had to reluctantly agree and so i went down on her and s----d her.I flipped my tongue over her c--t and fingerfu-Cked her.She cummed and while on her o----m,i eased my d--k into her p---y.I was pumping her very hard and she was m0an!ng awfully.Despite the fact that the air conditioner was on,our sweat would satisfy a thirsty mad man.I f----d her for two hours before i cummed in her.

All through the time i was f-----g her,she was crying and m0an!ng because my d--k was too big.

After i came,i cooled a bit before leaving for the club.

When i got there,the club was about to end and mary was thoroughly drunk.

I dragged her into the car and she sat in the front.I went to the wheels and i drove away.While i was busy driving,mary suddenly opened my d--k and was sU-Cking me off.She was a profession d--k tease and she teased me that i nearly lost focus of where i was going.

I got to a free area and i parked.

I lifted her and sat her on my laps while her raised her gown and shifted her [email protected]

I inserted my d--k and i f----d her till i came.

She was totally tired and had slept off before i came.

She was the second of the day and i never knew what was in store for me when i got home.

I carried mary into her room and went into my bathroom.

I had my bath and when i left the bathroom,i met the shock of my life.

Sitting naked on my bed was….. Who do you think that would be?

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