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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Beauty was laying on the bed naked,waiting for me.

It actually felt wierd that beauty was naked before me.

I avoided touching her because i hate f-----g my spouse.

I pleaded with her to dress up but she was defiant.

She moved closer to me and terrorized my p---k.

I was feeling aroused but i tried to maintain my stance.

I later gave in and i sq££zed her b-----s stroking her n-----s hard.

I was fingering her at the same time while he humped her p---y more into me.

She took control and went on her knees sU-Cking my d--k and mehn she was a professional.

I began to doubt whether she was truly a virgin and few minutes after,i was already inserting my p---k into her d--n p---y.

It was not so tight and it was not wide either and my doubt was confirmed,she was not a virgin.

After i f----d her,i asked her how she lost her virginity and she told me it was to my best friend in school(which i wont talk about because am still angry with him) a week before.I was very angry and she begged me.

I sent her to her room angrily and when i sat on the bed,Anne invited me to the cinema the next day.

She sent the ticket through my dad and told me she would meet me there.

When i got to the cinema,Anne called me that she was sorry she couldnt make it and i was very angry.

It actually turned that it was a blessing in disguise for me.

I entered the cinema hoping to watch the movie but unknown to me,it was an xrated movie.I sat beside a hot and beautiful lady.When the movie started,the light was dimmed and eroctic scenes were falling on eroctic scenes.

I was very h---y and when i looked at the girl beside me,she had a finger already under her skirt fingering herself.

Since i was h---y,i decided to try my luck and i directed my hands over her boobs while squeezing it roughly.

She m0aned and grabbed my hands into her p---y while she stroked my d--k.

She stood up and i asked her to bend while i annally assaulted her.

I saw something that really shocked me while f-----g her and i am wondering if you have an idea?

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