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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 27
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A peek in the Future.

I la!d in bed with la!de’s back facing me while her usual self was rocking my p---k with her p---y.

I was clueless as to how to handle a girl like her.

Not that she was different from other girls but she was what i take as a saint.

It took the power of God before i could sleep. You may be surprised that i mentioned God but that was the only word i could think of.

During the midnight, i felt a hand grazing my p---k and that made me very h---y.

At that right moment,i vowed to rape her if she refuse my advance.

I covered her boobs with my right hands although i was hesitant as i wanted to know what her reaction would be.

She didn’t react and the h---y me started groping her boobs.

I groped it so hard and i felt her n-----s getting very hard.

I slowly put my hands into her p---y and yet there was no reaction from her.

I started fingering hard and yet she faked sleep.Her breathings changed and that i encouraged me to finger hard.At a point in time,she could no longer pretend and she released a hard m0an.

She grabbed my p---k and we sat in a 69 position.

She licked my p---k while i s----d her p---y.

She was very moved and she started saying things i had no idea of.

We both reached our o----m at the same time.We rested a little and i drew her closer and inserted my p---k into her p---y and started f-----g her.

I f----d her till we reached o----m and she immediately slept off.

One day,i went to the resturant and i met a lady whose name was Victoria.

She was very beautiful.

I approached her and she gave me her phone number.

I had it in mind that i would have a fling with her and then dump her,but the girl was heaven sent to save and use my life.

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