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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 28
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A blast from the past

I cant really describe how afraid i was when Nneka fainted.

I was really scared and even when she woke up,i was still afraid that she might die.

At that moment,i promised never to have anything to do with girls.

If Nneka died then i was going to be a sure prisoner.

I got home with a heavy heart and i started breaking ties with my f--k mates.

The first person was beauty,as u knw was my ex.

You may be suprised that we broke up and still had s-x but mehn,that was the power of my p---k.I tried convincing her but she refused.

I maintained my distance from girls and it was not easy.

In school,contrary to my expectation,Nneka’s experience didnt scare her off,it only drew her more to me.

Ngozi on the other hand was looking for a chance to be alone with me.

She got the chance one day during the valedictory service.

The present s.s.s3 students were about to pass out and we were told to join various groups.

As a famous guy,i belonged to all groups.During the party,i was sent to the principal’s office to deliver something to him.

When i got there,i met Ngozi on seat and she told me the principal went out briefly.

I decided to wait for him and that was when i broke my resolution that i would stop f-----g.An important thing i want you to know is that Ngozi was very special to me.

I was always pleased after any romp with her.She tried to kiss me but i refused.

She knew my weak point is to see a b----t packed in a small bra.

She took off her t-shirt and i was staring at her boobs.

I was greatly moved and i unconsciously started to grope her b----t.

She stiffled her m0an and i was very aroused.She dipped her hands into my trousers and started stroking my p---k.

I grabbed her and she lifted her skirt,foldind it up and she drew her [email protected] to the side.

I thrusted my p---k into her p---y and i was f-----g her hard.

A knock was suddenly heard and am asking you who you think it is

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