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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 30
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A blast from the past

At that right time,my mouth was on her b----t while i was furiously banging her p---y with my p---k.

A knock was heard on the door and it immediately opened.

There steps in Nneka,my greatest adversary.

I was thinking she would be a menace but Ngozi seemed to care less as she urged me to f--k her faster.

I temporarily forgot Nneka as i gave in to the request of Ngozi and i pumped my angry p---k in and out her wet p---y.

She m0aned harder as she felt the tip of my long p---k hitting her womb.She cummed for the third time while i was not even nearing c----x.

She was tired and her p---y was gradually drying up and her enjoyment was turning to pain.

She begged me to release her and because i wanted to avoid any fainting situation,I relased her and when i turned to look back,Nneka was furiously rubbing her c--t.

This,coupled with the fact that i was h---y and unsatisfied made me forget my descision to avoid any sexual relationship with Nneka as i grabbed her,tore her [email protected] and inserted my p---k into her p---y.

She was very wet and as i thrusted my d--k in,she thrusted her a-s backward to meet my p---k.

This action made me so uncontrolable and i grabbed her a-s as i continue ramming into her only that i increased my pace while continue to m0an harder.

Ngozi had already dressed but she took her [email protected] off and shifted her skirt up so air could blow and calm her p---y.

All this while,Nneka has already cummed three times and she was preparing for the fourth.

My o----m began to build up and so i continue f-----g her hard hoping that she wont be exausted like her sister.

About thirty minutes later,she cummed and before she could get over it,i came into her p---y.

She dressed up while i also straitened my shirt while Ngozh rearranged everything we disarranged while f-----g.

She sprayed air fresher and with that,it dawned on me that the addicted micheal just f----d in the strict principal’s office.

We sat and we were staring at our selves and i felt a bit uneasy because of the way i was being stared at.

Ngozi began looking at me and hailed me.

She asked me who taught me to f--k someone that hard and i only smiled.

Nneka the told me that the day she fainted,she underestimated my p---k.(My own special d--k that has tasted more than twenty pussies is the one she estimated,can you people hear that?).A minute later,the principal came in and i told him what i came for.

A term later, i was promoted to ss3,but i will share you the details of my excapades in the course of the story.

It is all in a bid to make this story interesting and for me to be able long episodes as you guys asked for.

I will now tell you the details that led to the experience with my secretary la!de in the next episode but let me explain to you the position of the important characters in this story.

The first person is mr Benson,my Adopted father.

He had gained more fame and money and he had involved me more in the business.

He had taught me more about the business and commanded me to study accounting in Yale University.

I followed his advice and i was admitted to Yale.This is the end of A blast from the past and will now be replaced with Yale’s adventure.

The second person is my adoptive mother Mrs Benson.She continued in her excapade with me and had also improved her business.

It was pearl and beauty’s dream to study in South Africa so beauty was admitted into the wits university to study banking and finance.Pearl also studied Medicine in the same University and that university admission ended our escapades.

Hope this is up to your expectation?

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