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Uncensored Orphanage - Season 1 - Episode 35
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After we broke the kiss to serve the food,she dished it out and off we went to the dinning room as we started to romance-eat.

She would grab my spoon and feed me while i also did the same.

She was behaving as my lover and i was wondering what she considere me as.

After we finished eating,she cleared my doubts when she told me that she really liked me and would have loved to date me but her father had bethrode to his friend’s son.

She then said that we could be friends with benefit.

After concluding what she said,she jumped on me and almost pushed me down as we started kissing.

We french kissed so hard that my lips paining me already.

I grabbed her boobs and started milking it as if i was milking a cow and i s----d her right n-----s.She was m0an!ng all this while and i allowed myself to drop my hands inside her [email protected] as i continued to finger f--k her.After few minutes,she cummed and i positined her as i penetrated her p---y.It was while f-----g her that i discovered that we were still in the sitting room so i made her stand up though still in the f-----g position and we made to go to the room.As we took a step,my d--k kept hitting her p---y hard and she kept m0an!ng very hard.Before we entered the room,i had virtually pounded her so add that she almost passed out.

She fainted immidiately i came and i had to switch on the fan as i poured water on her.I knew i had gone to the extreme as i had allowe ecstacy take over me and made me forget about my rule.I know you might be wondeering what rule but since the time i nearly f----d someone to death,i had vow never to pound the ladies that hard.She woke up feeling very weak and i started rubbing he hairs with my hands.I comforted her till she slept and after she slept,i went to shower as i also drifted to the wonder land.As you know that this marks the ends of this series,another series will be starting and that is life at the university meaning that episode 36 will continue with victoria saga while episode 37 will be the new series.

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Well Done....Pls Dnt Hesitate To Release D Rmainin Episode...
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