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unplanned love - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Alex got up from bed that morning feeling refreshed and excited; ‘’the Saturday he has being looking forward to was finally here’’ he thought. He knelt down and prayed to God to let his wishes for that day come to pass and shortly after he entered the bathroom……………….

Adeola was in the bathroom vomiting. She felt weak; it was the fourth time she has being throwing up in two days. She wanted to crawl back to bed after had her bath; but she remembered the promise she made to alex to bake a cake today; she made a promise and she had to fulfil it she thought.

‘’God grant me to strength to do this and remind Dr oni to call me immediately he his back from his trip tomorrow’’ she said loudly.

Minutes later she was on her way to the kitchen; she saw alex afar putting on the apron and the cap; his looks made her smiled. As she entered the kitchen; she noticed he has set the table and was ready to commence work.

‘’Good morning dear’’ alex said smiling at her
‘’Morning; it seems all is set’’ asked adeola
‘’Sure; here is your apron’’ said alex and she collected it from him
‘’Can we start’’ asked alex
‘’Chill be patient; are you going somewhere’’ asked adeola
‘’No master; I am pending my whole day with you’’ said alex smiling
She felt special hearing him say those words to her.

‘’I need to quench my hunger; I vomited all I ate yesterday night’’ said adeola moving towards the refrigerator

‘’Are you alright’’ asked alex
‘’Have not being feeling to well for some couple of days’’ said adeola
‘’Have you seen the doctor’’ asked alex
‘’Not yet; I called Dr oni three days ago and he promised giving me a call tomorrow when he comes back from his trip’’ she said
He touched her neck to feel her temperature
‘’Your temperature is normal’’ said alex
‘’I am not running temperature doctor alex’’ she said smiling
‘’What are you doing’’ asked alex
‘’Am about to eat’’ replied adeola
‘’Bread and ice cream in this cold weather’’ asked alex
‘’Yes; that is what I feel like’’ replied adeola
‘’Stop please; let me call the maids to prepare a better meal for you’’ said alex
‘’Uncle alex; don’t bother; this is what I have appetite for’’ said adeola eating the bread
‘’I guess we have to postpone the baking till when you are much better’’ he said removing the cap on his head
‘’No; we will do it today; I mean now’’ she said
‘’You are not strong dear and you need rest’’ said alex sounding concern
‘’Who told you; I am stronger than you’’ she said smiling at him but he never smiled back
‘’Alex I told you I wasn’t feeling too well right; and am also telling you that I can handle this; so let do it’’ she said
‘’No you can’t and I won’t allow it said alex returning some of the baking ingredient into their boxes
She moved closer to him and touched his hands;
‘’Alright; let do it like this; why don’t I instruct you on what to do while you do the baking’’ said adeola
‘’Please let do this; if we don’t I will feel worse’’ said adeola
‘’Are you sure’’ asked alex
‘’Yes; just grab me a chair; I will seat and instructs while you carry out the instructions’’ she said sounding funny
‘’Alright’’ he smiled back at her
‘’So let start’’ she said putting the apron cap on his head
Minutes later; the cake was in the oven and adeola was leacturing him on how to bake other types of cake
‘’Some other time; you will teach me how to ice a cake’’ he said
‘’No problem; provided I will be paid for the services’’ she said smiling
‘’Just say the amount’’ he said smiling back at her
‘’Who taught all this’’ asked alex
‘’Remember I leaved with my grandma; we had a neighbour then; his wife was into catering work and she bakes virtually every week’’. ‘’Anytime I perceived the small of cake in the oven; I sneak out of the house and I will seat there till she finish baking’’.

‘’Sometime she iced the cakes in my presence; she was newly married with no kids; so she took more interest in teaching me; that was how I fell in love with it. ‘’In see during my 200l and 300l second semester bake; I enrol into a catering school six months and that is how I became a professional baker’’.

‘’Wow that is nice; I envy you’’ said alex smiling
‘’What is there to envy’’ asked adeola
‘’Right from when I was a kid; I have wished for a normal life and upbringing just like yours. Mine was academics and education; I could remember pleading to dad to permit me to come to Nigeria several times of which he always declined’’. ‘’I always wished to spend my holidays here; interact with my environment, the people living in it; spend time with you and your dad but he always refused telling me to face my academics instead’’.

‘’When I entered the university and I met Tony; I was happy and I said to myself; atlas I have a brother and shortly after we became friends not because we have similar character; as you must have noticed our characters are extremely different’’ said alex smiling and she laughed
‘’But rather he filled the vacuum and loneliness I had then’’. ‘’He made the rest of my stay there fun and enjoyable’’ he said smiling
‘’Wow; that is nice; for the first time, you shared a part of you with me’’ said adeola smiling and he also smiled back
‘’I guess the cake should be baked by now; let check it’’ said adeola
‘’You dip the knife in the middle just as I told you earlier on’’ said adeola
‘’It is done, right’’ asked alex
‘’Yes’’ she replied

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Apr 28
Realy enjoying dis story.I wish they where real nd nt just fiction.Love is a beautiful feeling created by God.I hope every body finds true love.
May 02
Very beautiful love story.. Am so happy wish my home to be like....
May 02
Plz post more episodes ooo. Very interesting, kudos 2 u d writer
May 04
Hi every one, thank you very much for taking much of your time to comment on this story, more episodes loading.....
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