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unplanned love - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Alex wakes up very early the next morning and is excited seeing adeola by his side. He draws close to her face and kisses her but she pretends she was still dozing. He goes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast himself and just as he was rounding up, adeola shows up still on her pijamans. He moves close to her, kisses her and pulls back a sit for her to make do with. She has began to love him better as he had wished her to. Sweatheart you dont have to do that okay? Not for you baby. I will do anything for you. Besides, you aren’t feeling so well. I only wanted to help okay and moreover, i ain’t minding. Now sit, he says smilling wide. Okay oh.

She sits and they have breakfast together. Shortly after, they head to the car and afterwards, drive to the hospital. AND GUESS WHAT? I KNOW YOU KNOW. @op, abeg no vex oh. na joke. at least make dem use dis 1 ho body.

THE END............


that is the final episode for now,sorry for ending the story just like that
pls bear with me
use your imagination to complete the story
thank you

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May 04
Guy why Cmon why why you stop for here Abeg if you sabi say you no go complete story why you con start dem no dey do this kind thing na imagine *use your imagination to complete the story* Charley you fu-Ck up o
May 04
help me tell am... can he even hear him self #useurheadcompletethestory# my dear are u a good writer
May 05
U better take it easy on this guy cos is not as easy as u think.... But with all due respect u can't stop here u must continue the story
May 10
Guys, Am very sorry ohh, the Author of this story decided to end the story here, so please bear with me @Toby, @M P(MASTER PLANNER), @Olawale..

If by any reason he decide's to continue the story, then I will update it here as soon as possible..

Matis Laney
Jun 02
Nice Story. Don't Mind The Complainers, My Head Tells Me She Was Pregnant And They Lived Happily Ever After.
Paulizo 7
Jun 03
Haha, the story don end na. She was #pregnant and they lived happily ever .
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