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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 56
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”Tell me this Anna, what do you want to say to him exactly?”

”That i am sorry, that i hurt him, knowingly and unknownly and that, i do love Daniel but-”

”i am not getting up from this bed if that’s what you intend to say” Lucy turns to her
”No, i mean i do love him but..i know what is right and wrong and i rather choose to be happy and-”

”Good, i think i like where this is going, let me go check on him and you better make this right, Darren is such a cutie” Lucy gets up , grabs a shirt and is walking towards the door.

Bella tries to catch up with him ”Are you going to keep ignoring me all night Darren?”
He gets to his door , she blocks him ”I am tired and i need to sleep okay, all this drama..i am done, it’s been a long and crazy night, Natalia coming at me, you coming at me.. i just need you all to leave me alone”
”But i never did anything wrong to you, for real and..look i am really sorry about your girlfriend and how this all turned out but i want to be here for you, i do like you alot Darren. I have fallen for you, working with you as been amazing and all i prayed for was for you to look at me, like really do look at me but all you saw me as was just a friend, and i had hoped that when i came here and met you and showed you how much i really do love you you would-”

”What? I would what? suddenly fall for you? Come on Bella, look i do appreciate your kind gestures but…this isn’t going to happen. Did you not come with a date?”
”He was a Tag’along-date, i don’t even like the guy”

”Right, you all just like using people to get what you want don’t you, very classy”
”Atleast i do it openly, i do not lie about shits like that” Natalia opens her door and then folds her hands staring at Darren and Bella.
Bella scoffs shaking her head ”You just don’t give up don’t you?”

”Nope, been waiting on him since so if you don’t mind, you should get back to your man while i get mine”

”Don’t you have your man, i mean it’s a two plus cruise, i think i remember seeing a short fat fellow with you at the registration table.”

”The fool is asleep, be knocked out till the next day, he no trouble”

”Ha, right, you call me a user and you think she isn’t a badass at it?” Bella points to Natalia staring at Darren. Darren shakes his head in frustration.
”I just said i ain’t gonna lie about that unlike you, i know what i want and i came to get what i want, and i will get it”
”Look, Darren is over you” Bella throws at her

”No he isn’t but i know for certain he ain’t gonna be s------g you anytime in the nearest generations to come” she laughs
”Oh please don’t kid yourself okay, me and Darren bonded at work and i am the closest thing to peace with him” Bella jabs at Natalia
”Get off your a-s b---h, i am the girl in his life that knows how he ticks, if you think you can sway him, you have got no idea the kind of man Darren is-”

”No you have got no idea the kind of man Darren is that’s why you took him for granted and left him for a girl”
”That was a stupid mistake and i already apologized and he does not love me less”

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