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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 57
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”That’s what you think, you are disgusting, !”

”You b---h don’t call me that you s--t trying to steal my man!” Natalie says into her face
”Get off my face!” Bella pushes her face away.
Darren is by the door, his head in his arms, they are blocking him from entering his room.
The door next to him flings open and Lucy steps out, ”Oh Darren, Anna has been…what in the world is going on here?” She stares at him and then the girls.
”You better get back inside because no one is talking to you” Natalia throws at Lucy ”And tell that s--t to stay away from Darren because all she has done is to cause him hurt in a day that i was only able to do in three fxxking years”
”Who you calling a S--t?” Lucy raises her voice

”Your friend is, and this Delilah here trying to steal my Samson, both of them should go and sU-Ck on some packs of baby dxxks., they aren’t needed, so shuuu” She says turning and pulling Darren who removes her hand.
”You stop cussing and calling Anna namea, and you Bella stop, Lucy please don’t indulge them, Can you all just step away so i can get into my room and have a night’s rest?”
”No baby, you come stay in mine where no one would dare bug us” Bella says pulling him instead

Natalia grabs her and shovels her to the wall ”I said stay away from my man you b---h!”

”Get off me” they are struggling, Daren removes himself from their grip .
”Damnit, what the hell is wrong with all of you”

Natalia and Bella are struggling with themselves pulling hairs and then slapping each other.

The door opposite swings open, Tom rushes out with boxers and Tonia wearing her nightie ”The hell, what’s the commotion about …whoa!!! girls fight!!” he steps away from them.

Tonia comes closer and then tries to separate them ”You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves fighting over a man who don’t give s--t about you lot, my goodness!!”
Instead they shove her to the side and continue slapping themselves, Lucy laughs unbothered.

”Wife, don’t get between them crazies to destroy your beautiful face, let them fight, we don’t care right. Dude are you okay?” he pulls her away and then turns to Darren who is shaking his head.

Darren is staring at them, ”Like hell i am, this is madness” he goes to them and then pulls Natalie away and stands in their middle, putting both hands up on each side of him pointing at them on each side. ”Enough! Damnit!

Lucy’s door opens up to reveal Annalisa with a confused face ”Darren..” then she sees everyone ”Whats going on?”
”I’ll tell you what is going on goody-too-shoes, because of your stupid stunt, i can’t get my man and this b---h here thinks she can take him, so why don’t you go back inside and continue kissing your Daniel again, since that’s what you are good at”
”Oh shut up shemale” Lucy throws at her
”All p---y baby, you want to lick’em? B---h!!” Natalia spat
Anna folds her hands ”Darren, can we talk?” ignoring Natalia, but Natalia could see it hit a nerve, she smiles.
”No, you can’t! Because honestly, i agree with the shemale for once” Bella points to her.

”Fxxk you Bella!”
”You is a shemale Natalie, you are a w---e ,a s--t and a very very disgusting human who don’t deserve love in your life for hurting a good man, but i agree with you that Anna caused all this; if She hadn’t come into his life, i may have had a chance with him, and if you had stayed out…shemale” she points to Natalia, ” I would have had a chance with him, so how about you both leave me to get a shoot at love”
Natalia laughs
”Oh baby girl, you can’t get love by shoving your desires down a man’s throat, who ever groomed you to thinking like that did you wrong” Tonia says shaking her head.
”Look, you don’t know me”
”I do not, but all i see is bad vibes, and Natalia is the worse of it. how about you guys go back to your dates and leave Darren to his”

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