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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 58
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”Darren don’t want her no more, he told me that a while earlier when he spewed his regrets to ever meeting her on st. valentines day and maybe the sex was good but he says he regrets and that he didn’t even like her as much but was trying to see just where it would lead. She is his rebound girl, ”
Anna blinks suprised ”Did you say that Darren?”

”Yes he did” Natalia affirms nodding her head ”We talked, how else did i know that’s when you meet.”
”No he didn’t say that trash, he wouldn’t say such, Darren likes her a whole lot and that day was perfect for him”Tom clarifies
”That’s not what he told me, he said she was messed up, and broken and she was crazy and that they had sex and it was a rebound and the only reason he is hanging out with her right now is because he just wants to fxxk and get it out of his system” she smirks
”Shut up Natalia, i see through your lies” Tonia points at him, Lucy is shocked.
”Is that what you said Darren?” Anna looks at him

”Would that sound like what i would say?” He stares at her straight in her eyes, tired of everything happening.
”I wouldn’t know, because i know you called me crazy, and messed up and broken then when we met, so…sorry if i am a little hurt by her saying all those things, did you say them, is what she saying true, i am your rebound girl?”
He smiles ”It’s fine, you can believe what you want okay, i am tired of trying to defend myself with you always, ” he says walking to his door
”Darren?” She calls out, regretting believing Natalia for a second. She was doing it again, not giving him the benefit of the doubt.
He swings around ”Look Anna, you are an amazing girl, you are, but i can’t keep up with you, i can’t, so whatever!”
She blinks back tears ”Darren, look i am sorry and i want to talk to you and–”

”Honestly Anna , right now, i do not want to hear it, i do not at all, i want to be left alone, like seriously. All this is making me feel irritated, mad and really angry so i am just going to go to bed”

”Darren?” Natalia comes to him
”No stop it Natalia, for God’s sake stop it, and leave me the hell alone, we are done, it’s over and the sooner you realize that the better, get a life, get a job and get out of my life!!!” He shakes her.

Then he turns to Bella ”I expected more from you Bella, you were among the few friends i felt had no flaws, but this, this is disgraceful, and i have been nothing but a friend to you and it has always being platonic, okay maybe it’s my fault i allowed you to flirt with me sometimes and maybe i indulged you but there had never been anything to suggest that i like you more than a friend, so please i beg you, try to salvage the little friendship we have and back off, just leave me alone..” He opens his door and then slams it shut.

”Look Darren” Bella reaches for the door, Natalia slaps her hands away ”Get off, he don’t want you”

”He don’t want you either” Bella pushes her away

”You girls don’t get it do you?” Tonia is shaking her head ”He don’t want any of you and if i were you, i would pack my tails in my butt and save face and walk out of here with some certain level of dignity even if it’s 0.1%. You both are disgraceful, i swear to God. Throwing yourselves at a man, i wonder what you gonna be teaching your daughters, my God!”

”Whatever!!” Bella turns and walks away.

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