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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 62
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His heart screamed, he shuts it out of his head and then kisses her deeply for a long time they kissed, and he held himself back from wanting more, pushing her backwards and making sweet love to her. He wanted to so bad, but he refused to let the feeling in.

He was and is in love with her, but love is not about is never about sex. Love is so much more, so much more that his heart was full of it..and it had nothing to do with wanting her soft lush body beneath him. Love is never about Sex. Love was love, raw, un-diluted, without selfishness, void of is a gift..a gift he was willingly and happy to share.

But love hurts like a mudafxxker stung with bee.

He slowly pulls away and then placing a kiss to her temple and then standing up and lifting her with him, he pulls her into a hug, she cries in his arms ”I am so sorry Darren, i…i am so sorry!!”

”It’s okay, it’s okay!! I would be here for you, when you need me, look we still have two more days on this ship so we are going to forget everything and then enjoy ourselves okay..that’s all that matters” he pulls her away and then places a kiss to her forehead again, then he walks her to the door ”Sleep well Anna, i will see you in the morning”

”Promise” he touches her jaw.

She wipes her eyes and then leaves. He shuts his door, goes to the bed and then sinks in, turning to his side he lets the tear drop. He wipes it immediately and turns away.

”Big boys don’t cry!” he sniffs ”Breathe Darren, one day at a time, it would pass”

Anna closes her door behind her and stares at the bed.

Lucy was snoring peacefully. She goes to the bed, climbs in, covers herself and tries to sleep. She doesn’t for a long time, then she finally closes her eyes and goes to sleep.


Darren gets up and stares at the window, he opens his bag, grabs a jotter and a pen and begins to scribble on it. He folds it under his pillow and then takes his phone after looking at his time.

It takes a while before the call was picked..
”Hello Sir, i am so sorry to be calling this late and..yes i am so sorry. I wanted to tell you that, i have taught about that offer, and..i would take it. Yes Sir” He smile ”First thing, thank you Sir, thank you” He cuts the call and then rests backwards on his bed.

He finally goes to sleep.

”No!! No ! No, get back in there, get back in there you..argh no!! you saw it Gabriel, i used all of it, all of it and it should have worked, it should work. it went straight to her heart and then his and they felt it, the power of lover surging through their veins…so why aren’t they smooching and making love and getting back to it and…see come on,. go back Anna!! Darren go out and chase her, get up, get up!!” Cupid screams as he flings things away ”Where is my spell, i need to make more love portion spells, i need to make sure this is stronger and…”Damnit!!!” he grabs a bowl, and begins to mix anything and everything he could touch in his bag.

Gabriel comes to him ”Stop Cupid”
”Go away, go away and leave me alone” He empties its entire content and continues to fish out for spices and ingredients ”’Ha, lust, love, more of it” he tosses it into the bowl and then stares.
”I said leave me the hell alone, can’t you see i am trying to make them come back into the room and talk and love and…” he trails off turning away from Gabriel. He continues to mix and when he was done, he searches for his arrows. It was finished.
”Make me an Arrow Gabriel”
”I cannot!”
He turns to him, the bowl in his hands, ”Make me a Goddamned arrow!!!”‘ he sneers
Thunder rumbles and claps.
Cupid closes his eyes

”I need an Arrow Father” He says opening looking to the heavens
It was silent

”You want me to fail, you have always wanted me to fail, that’s it. No one is special to you except your beloved son Jesus! no one is as important as he is to you. He asks and you give, he calls and you answer, he is in danger and you send your other angel sons to go rescue him. What am i even yabbing about, he seats at the right side of your throne, even the earth you make his footstool…no one else has your ears and your treat …like a piece of s--t!!”

Thunder claps loudly, the cloud rolls and lightening strikes. Cupid screams as he his lifted and drops to the hard cloud with a thud as the clouds rolls back to place.
Gabriel shivers.. ”Be quiet Cupid!!”
Cupid wipes his mouth as spittle drops, he gets up groaning and rubbing his small butt. He sighs in relief realizing that the bowl he held was hovering and didn’t hit the ground. He grabs it to him and frowns..

”You are only mad at me for saying the truth, saying the truth that everyone is afraid to say just because they are scared of you” He sniffs ”And you do not want to give me arrows because you know that i am on the right track and that if i make them fall madly inlove and do my bidding i would be more powerful than you..maybe that is why you let Lucy go, because he was going to be bigger and greater and more loved than you”
Now Gabriel gasps, ”Cupid, no!” he shakes his head ”You no nothing about what Lucifer did”

”I know plenty, he was the light”
”No he was the light who chose darkness..and you are veering into that same hole and don’t call him Lucy”
Cupid scoffs ”What, Father gonna toss me and kick me out too? Why? Because all i wanted to do is to live up to my potential and he not giving me the chance to? At every point in time, he keeps whispering in my ears that i ain’t doing it right, if i need help if he should send poster boy Jesus to help me..Why won’ he allow me do my spells in peace instead of ruining it for me? See i got them together, i got them this far, i must have made a mistake in the formula and when the arrow pierced their hearts it didn’t work, i just need to increase the dosage and it would work..and all would be fine. Is that bloody too much to ask?” Is that?’ He looks to the heavens
”If only you listen when he speaks and-” Gabriel began.
”I am tired of listening, i want to do me, i want to let love happen, i want love to happen..i just bloody want LOVE TO HAPPEN TO THESE TWO AND SEX AND LOTS OF SEX AND BLOODY LOTS OF SMELLING A-S SEX!!!!”

Gabriel closes his ears. Everywhere is silent
”I want love to happen, that is all. And i would achieve it if i have my arrows and all would be well. You would see Father, i can do this, I am Cupid, cupid is love..let me do me”
He looks around. He sighs turning and backing Gabriel as he stares at the bowl and then stares down below..

Darren is asleep, his back turned to the heavens and the Annalisa is sideways turned to the wall of her room.

” I just need one, just one” He seats down sulking, tears leaving his eyes.
Suddenly he saw a movement inside his bag, he reaches for his bag and then fits his hand in, pulling it out he pulls out two arrows. He smiles and then looks up ”Thank you Father” He quickly stands up and soaks his arrows to the bowl, letting it soak it up. Placing both of them to his string, he speaks to it.

”Let love lead, let it happen, bring them lovebirds back to their feet and curse them to chase the love that was created by me” He lets it go and watches it sink below with glee..
”This time, this time it would work..just you see Father, this time, they would be jerked up by the force of those arrows , they would find themselves, they would love, they would be happy and i would win. i promise you i would win, watch father, just watch” he laughs happily..

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