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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 64
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Anna lays still, breathing peacefully.
”GET UP DARREN!” He turns to Darren
Darren yawns and the stretches out of the bed, he sleepily seats down, stands up and then makes his way to the door on his left, he opens it and then shuts it.

The sound of water dripping is heard, then the sound of the WC flushing, then Darren comes back, and goes through to this bed, hits it and then continues to sleep.

”No no no no!! Go out of your room to her room or call her back to yours Darren”
Darren is sleeping soundlessly.

Cupid is confused as he looks at the bowl and then back at the sleeping people ”Why aren’t they waking up Gabriel, why aren’t they waking up?” He turns to Gabriel who is staring at him ”I ..i..why aren’t they waking up?” He stares at them again.
Silence, sleeping and unperturbed about the little-man baby bothered about them and their love story and his failed formula. He scratches his head, waiting for them to get up and magic to happen.

After about thirty minutes, he finally realized that they were not getting up.
He goes to Gabriel ”I don’t get it, i…i … i gave them all my portions, the doses of lust, the sparkle of love, even Jesus’s heart shaped love i gave them…why…why are they not rolling in sheets and screaming in ecstasy?Why aren’t they doing all what men do in love,…why..” He stutters confused ” i did the spells right, or did i not get the formula right? Did i put it to the arrows wrongly…did i over do it ..or….i ..i do not understand why…why…this should have worked” He speaks to himself

” It should have worked , it ought to work. It has to work but…it..did not work and i.. i am…i do not understand it” He is pacing up and down, staring inside his bag, looking at the bowl, staring at the sleeping couple below and then back at Gabriel shaking his head in wonderment …” I do not get it, do i do it again and pour it directly into their ,mouths or…what? ” He kept pacing and then grabs the bowl, fishing into his bag ”I do not have any more spices and portions to create another formula, ..but i can go down there and ask them to love themselves yes, yes i would. I am Cupid..i will command them to love and it would work…you know what they say about me, how men define me? ..they say i am the god of desire, e----c love, attraction and affection.

And when they want to be dramatic they say ” He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. He is also known in Latin as Amor (“Love”). His Greek counterpart is Eros”

He laughed ”So you see Gabriel, i have not been using my full potential, I just have to see what i did wrong here first and..and– go down there and command them and they would love..yes, yes that is what i would do” He was ranting.

”Cupid!!” Gabriel grabs his shoulders and stares down at him ” Do you not see?”
”See what? That it didn’t work because i did a wrong formula? Or that i should just got down and give them some Cupid whooping and-!!”

Gabriel shakes his head ”Do you not see anything else?”
”No, it does not make sense that is all i see, they are asleep, they should be loving…it didn’t work…i don’t understand why..that’s what i see-” Cupid is yabbing away.
”He does not see Gabriel!”’ A voice says behind them. Gabriel drops his hands and steps away , facing Cupid whose eyes stares behind him to see who had spoken.
”What don’t i see?” Cupid asks in confusion

”That you cannot play God in people’s lives” the voice says coming closer
”Says the man who is God!” Cupid says lowering his eyes as the voice comes even closer

”Yes, and then see what happen? Take a walk with me as i show you what you have refused to see all along”

”You want to show me while he is standing there, beside you?” Cupid says sarcastically pointing at the Man behind Gabriel.
He could fill him smiling ”He was with me before the beginning of time Cupid, your thought and reservations won’t change that but..he would speak only when necessary, come Cupid, Jesus..all”

Cupid grumbling turns to take a look at Anna and Darren , still asleep. He stares at his bowl, empty, and then back at him..sighing, he follows him as they walk into another cloud.

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