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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 66
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”No free will then?” Gabriel states for clarity
”No ofcourse not, it’s an object..a thing, man made..made to do as bidded without choice”

”Good” God says walking further into the garden as they stand beside the tree…”Back to the first man and woman. Was man threatened to eat the apple by eve, where they forced..were they threatened?”
”They were enticed! What is this father, we have gone through that already” he was bored.

”By the serpent” he says shaking his head ”You are the all knowing and yet you do not see” Cupid shakes his head.
He smiles ”I am the all knowing that is why i need you to see. Why did the serpent not say ”I command you to eat this now”
Cupid laughs ”I doubt it could, and even if he did, serpents are cunning, everyone knows that and thus he played it’s character well, cunningly asking them, enticing them to do what he wanted”

”Rightly so..thus, serpent albeit cunning are wise and it knows it cannot dare command a man, force a man to do as it bids. ”He continues ” Man was not forced nor was he threatened, he was appealed to..why? Because he has a mind of his own, to choose ..if he was a computer and i the creator had inputted..”DO NOT EAT” ..Adam would not eat had eaten that apple no matter what if it was forced down his throat. But because he has emotions, a mind, a will ..he has the ability to decide and because i did not want robots and computers for children i made them men and women and tasked them to populate the earth…but i also allowed them something essential…free will, the ability to choose…why?”

”Yes why?”
”So that i know for certain what is within their hearts and who they would follow without influences…and that is why when the serpent came, Eve and Adam chose to disobey entirely on their own terms because despite the serpent’s cunning ways..they too were also curious and wanted to know, wanted the good and then the bad and they decided in their hearts on their one, not the serpent forcing them, they..decided, had choose to..they had the free will to say no and walk away, but they choose to stay, listen, disobey…and bared the consequences.”
”I do not understand how it has anything to do with Love and then Anna and Darren. Adam and Eve are history, i am trying to make love happen here, what has it got to do with my love for those two?”

”Alot, walk with me”
They walk again …”Love is universal, it is a gift, it is pure and needs no influences…and man is not a lab rat neither is he one who is confined in a place to do a bidding of another much less of you . You cannot force a man to love by mixing portions and creating an atmosphere for it. Man is a special being, with the ability to do him…
”What are you saying? Ability …to what, refuse my portions, my spell?”
”Free will, that is what father is trying to say”

”Does not make any sense..” Cupid throws ”I mix a portion after completing my formula, its very different from the serpent who just talks ..i make things happen. It does not make any sense what you are saying.”
‘It does! If you think it were easy to make man fall inlove by causing them to do you think they would have done this to my son?” He opens the curtain cloud to view Jesus, nailed to the cross and the two robbers beside him…”
Cupid is quiet. ”Why you have to show me how they nailed my brother to the cross?”
”Teaching you Cupid, Teaching” He closes the cloud curtain and continues to talk.
”I would have sent down thousands of spells ,no i do not do spells. All i had to say was” M en, i command you to love him and i want you to love him now” and all of them would fall down, worship him and then love him as I have commanded them to love him, and of course my son may would have been loved at first sight. And maybe the scriptures would not have been fulfilled and then again.. .. what use would it be to have stooges who asnwer your beck and call only because they are being forced to, or because they are spelled to…or because they are created to and never have to think for themselves, to reason for themselves..but do every single thing as you tell them to do, bark and they bark, tell them to jump and they ask how high ”

”That line is from a movie Father” Cupid smiles, Gabriel nudges him.
“What? ” he laughs “Just saying ”
”Does it matter, i am trying to make a point”
”Go ahead Father.. Don’t let me interrupt your class”Cupid chuckles
”My point is this, you cannot make up spells and command men to love”
”I did and it worked until a point” He stated-matter-of-factly.
“Did it? ” Jesus asks
Cupid frowns. “It did, you saw it. From the first day they met and up until now it did. ”
“Did it really work Cupid. Or you thought it did? ”
Now Cupid stares at all of them and then back at him. He didn’t like their faces. It looked as if every one knew something and he didn’t.
“What are you saying Father”
”I have been saying what I have been saying right from the beginning of this conversation but you have NOT been listening. Love is not a thing you can make happen, you cannot make it happen”
”What are you saying, that if i cannot make love happen what the hell have i been doing since? How is it I was able to bring two souls, broken souls together and cause them to like themselves and do this with themselves with my arrows and spells and all hmm.. Give me a d--n explanation then!!”
‘Language!” Jesus cautions
”Fxxk Language ” Cupid swears
Thunder claps and lightening strikes. He is back to the ground with a hard thud. He groans in pain.
“One more Cupid.. One more ”
“Was just messing around with you Father.. Why so serious ” he says rubbing his bottom as he tries to get up. He falls to the ground again. All legs and tush showing.
“Oh goodness Cupid.. Close your legs! ” Jesus says turning away.
Gabriel laughs.
Cupid frowns covering himself and then standing up. He ignores him and says.. “Explain what you mean Father? What do you mean did it work. I saw it. You say it. Everyone saw it. ”
“No. What you saw was what you wanted to believe. With or without your supposed formulas and arrows and spells.. They would have met. They would have ended up together in that hotel room. They would have met again at the party.. They would have ended up going to the ship and everything that happened would have happened..

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