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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 74
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”Father, if you can wait just a second more before you go on I would appreciate it” Tonia stops the priest, a few people mutter behind them, she ignores them.
The priest who was about to take water from the fountain shakes his head ”The ceremony goes on or would you rather go back and wait..and with the time now, we would have to shift it to next week”
”Tonia, he is not coming okay, so let’s go on” Tom leans to whsiper
She bites her lips”But he promised”
”He has made alot of promises and he has broken them since he moved away, He probably could not get off work or the flight cancelled or something, we can’t keep waiting Tonia, common”
”Fine, carry on” She says with a sigh.
”I baptize this boy in the name of the father-”
The church door bursts open and a lady dressed elegantly rushes in, followed by a man dressed in a black suit rushing to the pulpit. They held hands.
”Oh my God Anna!!” Lucy exclaims
Annalisa who was fiddling with her bag looks at her friend ”What Tonia, why do you have that face?”
”See who just walked into church”
Annalisa followed her eyes and then her heart catches in her chest ”Darren!” she breaths.
”Yeah, Darren!!”

Tonia bursts into large smiles as she claps in excitement ”I told you he was going to come” Tonia says to her husband.
He turns smiling ”Yeah you did, handsome mudafxxker!!”
”Language please, this is the house of the Lord”

”Sorry Father, sorry God” Tom looks to the priest and then to the heavens.

”Well hurry up!!” Tonia beckons to him.
Darren leans in and places a kiss to his lady friend’s cheeks and then lets her go, he rushes to the Pulpit.

”Here here, take him…”Tonia grabs her baby from the Priest and shoves it into Darren’s hands like a proud mother ”You can go on Priest..” she laughs
Tom shakes his head ”The family is complete” he nods.

”Shall we then, step froward with your God son..Mr?”
”Darren Bloom”
”Darren Bloom…”
He takes water from the fountain and then begins to pour on the child’s head…
“…I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”
”Amen”. The congregation replies. He continues with the christening which lasts for an hour. When he was done, he says to them having returned the child back to Darren after taking him briefly..

“…People of God will you welcome this child and uphold them in their new life in Christ?”
“…With the help of God, we will.” they replied

”And you, the god-father, would you care for this child as your own, love him, nurture him and bring him up in the name of the Lord?”
”I will” Darren says

”Would you seize from doing anything that is not of God around him, ensure that he stays on the right part and step in when needs be to be a guardian is needed?”
”I will”

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