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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 75
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The priest takes anointing oil and then anoints the boy by placing a drop of it to his forehead and doing the sign of the cross.
“…Christ claims you as his own. Receive the sign of the cross.”

The priest offers prayers for the child, his family and that of his friends and loved ones. A candle was brought forward, this the priest hands to Darren as he places his hand on the boy’s head.

“…Shine as a light in the world to the glory of God.”

”Amen” everyone mutters.
”May the Lord go with you all, may you never neglect the gathering of the brethren and may you always show love and kindness towards each other. Go in peace” The Priest finishes
”Thank you Father” Tom shakes him, Tonia appreciates him and Darrem thanks him.

They leave the pulpit as their friends gather them to gush about the baby, they exit the church and stand outside and soon they leave for the reception.

Annalisa is already on her way to her car, pulling Lucy with her in a hurry.
”Anna, psst wait!” Lucy stops her ”Wait girl, heels aren’t meant to be running in, wait damnit”

Anna stops ”I gat to leave”
”No you don’t gat to do nothing, why are you running?”
”Because I can’t be here.. I mean he left because of me and he is back i don’t want him to be reminded of the girl who didn’t want him or was too messed up and bla bla bla”
‘That’s just stupid, it’s being two years girl.. he won’t hate you”
”Well, you don’t know that and besides you did saw him with a hot cheek right? He won’t even remember your face girl, we came for the christening and we are going for it”

”Ir’s finished, you go on to the reception and I go home and we meet up later” she opens her car door.
”Hell nah coming with even if I have yo drag you. Come one is going to want to go back down memory lane okay..besides you were invited”
”That invite was shortsighted, I swear I believe Tonia didn’t think I would show..and she wouldn’t miss me girl…”
”Are you running away because you scared he gonna hate or you are running away because there is a tendency you going to get jealous seeing him with another woman?”
”Please Luc, not even close… I just don’t want bad blood okay”

”How about you do this. You drop me off at Tonia’s and you can go ..good?”
”Come here let me plaster your handsome face with Kisses” Tonia pulls Darren to her and kisses him all over, he was laughing as he places a kiss to her forehead
”That how much you missed me mama ?”
”So much so so much!” she pulls his cheeks ”Two fxxking ears and you haven’t aged abit, you look even way handsome, what are you a vampire?”
”I think so, see my fangs?” he shows her his teeth
”Yeah, faintly…d--n boy, two years, don’t ever do that again” She nudges him
”I won’t I am sorry, needed to clear my head ”
”Did you?”
”Yeah, I did.

”When you moving back here then?’ she smiles, he laughs
”Well, still not sure”

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