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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 79
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”Oh babe, I would be back” Tammy kisses him again, taking her phone to her ears to answer a call. Darren’s eyes follows her.
”You have that look in your eyes” Tom says as Tonia goes to feed their son

”What look?’

”That.. I am still not over you look ”
Darren breaks his staring and looks at Tom ”I am over her Tom”
”Was that before you came back into the city or now that you see her do you say so?”
”Over year a year ago”

”Then why do your eyes follow her like that, and your hands her shaking slightly” Tom looks at them, Darren folds them
”I am over her”

”Yeah. That’s the lie you tell yourself to believe it”

”It’s been two years” Darren says closing his eyes

”And I could literally hear your heart racing, God, she got you bad. Did you ever tell her?”

”That you fell in love with her?”
He shakes his head ”I left Tom. I couldn’t bear not being with her, seeing her with another or being happy without me being the source of it Tom. I had fallen madly in love with a girl I met on St. Valentine’s day, had sex with and wanted to date her all in three months… it was crazy, a new feeling for me… hurt, that cruise it did and I had to be selfless knowing that she needed to find herself and I am glad I let her go and allowed her to let herself go… it was painful but it was the right thing. I do hope she did find her happiness and the love that give her butterflies, i do”

”And you, did you find yours?”
”Tammy is a great girl”

”You did not answer the question”
Darren is quiet ”It’s been two years, let the past remain the past” he sips his wine

”A littel advice, follow your heart and it it’s Tammy. great! But if you want to sail down that road again with Annalisa, iI give my blessing. I am a sU-Cker for a good love story Darren and if I remember correctly, you helped me find my love gave Tonia, she was your best friend…and when it was about to hit the rocks you told me something which I am going to repeat to you ..”Never let a good thing die if you can make it work a second time. Take the chance that presents it self and baby make it go fireworks, never settle… if you find that love that causes your heart to beat fast ad slow at the same time even after so many years, it may just mean you have found the one who is your soul mate”

”Two years Tom. She has a life, I moved on”
”If this is what is called moving on, you are definitely dumber than i thought. Two years she walks into the room you can’t tell you have been drinking water instead of wine”

Tom c---s his head to the side, Darren follows his eyes and sees that he indeed was drinking water from a cup instead of his wine ”The hell, whose cup and water is this?” He drops it

”My thoughts exactly bro!”
Tonia comes back to them ”What are you guys talking about?”

”Nothing!” They say in unison, Tonia eyes them both

”You have got to be kidding me!” She exclaims

The boys play innocent.


”Wow!!” Anna exclaims
”You okay?” Lucy nudges her ”I know it was kinda unexpected okay?”
”Hmmhum, I am awesome, why you think I wouldn’t be?’

”Darren? Seeing him again and then…the new girl”

She scoffs ”What about it, he has a girlfriend now, big deal. It’s great, he looks happy and she is beautiful”

”Yeah, so all is good?”
”All is perfect. Tonia seems genuinely happy to see me, Tom is everly great, they have a cute baby boy named Darren, my best friend would be getting married soon..and Darren is hooked..yes, all is perfect,everyone is happy” She smiles

”Glad. What about you?”

”Baby, with the kind of job I got and the money flowing in, who won’t be happy, I am. I was a bit nervous about seeing them again but all that is gone, we cool.”
”Okay, so drink, cake, anything?”
”Er sure..”

Lucy smiles. They grab what they could and head out.

For the rest of the reception for Baby Darren, they hardly looked at each other much less said anything to each other because they were in different places at different time and talking to different people at different times.
Soon the crowd was thinning out and it was getting late, Anna looks at her time, she was yawning.

”Lucy, I have to head home”

”Already?” Tonia stares up at her from breastfeeding her soon”
”Yes, I would come by during the week to visit if you don’t mind”
”Ofcourse, I like gifts, lots of baby girls” she smiles broadly

”I would not forget, see you Tonia” she hugs her sideways and then plays with the cheeks of Darren jnr.
”Bye Tom!!” They hug
Darren is watching her while drinking from his glass, Tammy is whispering things into his ears he was trying hard to grasp. But he couldn’t. He swears and turns away from Anna and faces Tammy.

Concentrate fool.
He says to himself.

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