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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“Like I said before this should be done over a few days, so you may want to arrange some temporary living arrangements. The newborns were only coming out at night so that would be the best time to track them, when they’re not hiding.”

“Sounds good to me! Looks like you guys got everything planned. I’m gonna go hang with Rose before entertaining our meal” he gave me a grin, “I mean guests” Emmett got up and went out the door. I knew he was joking but it still bothered me a bit. I just shook my head.

Carlisle sighed but let it go. “Well I guess we can continue this a little later tonight. People are going to be arriving soon.” He got up to leave but I stayed where I was and pretended to be admiring the artwork. I still couldn’t believe they were having a party and the local high school kids were coming over. I was in the twilight zone! I had decided before I got here I would just hang around upstairs. No need to mingle, I don’t even think I knew how.

I felt Alice run from downstairs and while I figured she would continue down the hall she burst into the office. I turned to stare at her. She was in red leather pants and a sequined top. Interesting choice. “Don’t you dare think about hiding in here all night. I didn’t choose the perfect outfit just to have it hidden away.” She smiled, walked over, grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the seat.
“I wasn’t planning hiding but really Alice I rather just stay in here” I gripped tightly to her aura and stopped her from moving but I couldn’t release her grip.

“Anna please let me go. It’s not going to kill you to have a little fun. Plus you’re going to give your self a head ache.” She said confidently. How did she know that? Dammit…Edward. I needed to have a talk with him about keeping his d--n mouth shut.

Emmett popped his head through the door, “Just go with her, she’s going to get her way sooner or later.” He laughed “Alice is an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to getting her way.” His head disappeared as he continued back down the hall. I sighed heavily, letting her know exactly how much I hated this but I released her and allowed her to drag me out of the room. I could hear Jasper and Carlisle snickering behind me. I turned my head and glared at them. It was weird. While I could feel her cold stone skin on mine and saw them move at immense speeds I was starting to converse with them as if they were any other human being. Once again, twilight zone.
“I don’t why you are being so difficult, you look gorgeous.” She smiled. “The dress brings out your eyes but your hair!” she stopped and took the clip out. “That’s better.” I tried to snatch it out of her hand but threw it quickly back into the office, it landing with a small thud on the desk. My eyes narrowed in her direction but she just smiled.

“Alice I don’t know…” I had never been afraid to hunt or to kill but part of me was afraid now and I didn’t know why. I didn’t think they were going to hurt me, it was something else…I couldn’t place it.
She looked at me and laughed, “You’ll be fine. Your acting as if your about to walk in front of a firing squad.” She shook her head in disbelief and indicated I should walk down the steps. As I passed I thought I heard her mumble “hunting vampires sure but a simple party and she runs.”

I took a deep breath, why me? I quickly went downstairs, Alice right behind me probably to make sure I didn’t make a run for it. When I reached the bottom Alice ran to the stereo and began looking at CD’s, deep in thought.
I went to stand in the corner by the glass wall, looked out into the trees and began thinking. After a few minutes I turned towards Alice, I needed a question answered. “Alice?” she looked up, “Why are you and everyone else for that matter treating me so kindly.” She seemed confused so I clarified. “I mean you could act as if we’re just working together and limit the time and energy spent with each other but you seem to be doing the opposite. You bought me clothes and expensive clothes at that! You insist I ‘have fun’ and hang at your place for you’re graduation party. I’ve killed your kind but you don’t seem to care, or at least pretend not to. I honestly don’t understand.”

“I don’t see why not. We like you and I think you’re starting to like us” she gave me a wink. “We’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do and we don’t feel we have the right to judge you on your past.” She paused, “And because I hope you’ll consider us friends when this is all over, polite acquaintances at the very least. Anyway, as for the clothes,” she shook her head and gave me a look of pity, “you seriously needed it. You’re almost as bad as Bella!” She laughed and returned to the CD’s. I didn’t know what to say so I stood there in shock.

It wasn’t long before I felt Bella, Edward and another human male arrive outside. I guessed this was Bella’s father but he didn’t stay long, taking off almost as quickly as he came. I few moments later they walked through the front door hand in hand. Bella looked around and I guessed my expression had been similar to hers as she took in the room. She said something to Edward but I didn’t hear her.
“Edward!” Alice called as she knelt by the stack of CD’s. “I need your opinion. Should we give them familiar and comforting or educate their taste in music?” She said this as if life hung in the balance.

“Keep it comforting, you can only lead a horse to water.” He gave a little laugh and continued to walk forward, Bella in tow. Alice nodded and ran upstairs, her arms filled with CD’s.

Bella had surveyed Alice as she left and then looked at me. Her expression became a bit pained. “I think I’m underdressed.” She said self-consciously. She was wearing a nice skirt and an elegant blue top. I thought she looked nice and I had a feeling Alice dressed her as well. Definitely more conservative than my outfit that was for sure. Lucky.

“I think you look perfect.” Edward disagreed and he quickly gave me an appreciative smile. Bella could probably wear a potato sack and Edward would still say she was perfect. His lips twitched.

Alice came back, “You’ll do.”
“Thanks.” Bella said sarcastically. She sighed and turned back to me “You look very nice Anna.” She gave me a smile. I just shook my head.

“Alice got to me. This” I waved my hand from my shoulders downward, “was definitely not my idea, I assure you.” Alice scowled and shook her head in disbelief.
“Do you think anyone’s going to come?” Bella asked. She sounded very hopeful that they wouldn’t. I guess I was right, she didn’t like attention.

Edward answered, “I think they will. Everyone’s dying to see inside the reclusive Cullen mystery house.” Bella merely m0aned.
“What am I going to do with her.” Alice mumbled under her breath while shaking her head but I was certain Bella didn’t hear it. Bella and Edward began to move around the house to converse with his family. As Alice darted in and out of rooms doing last minute details I wondered around looking at the various objects, impressed by the collections of art they had accumulated. I wasn’t sure what else to do.

Suddenly I felt a group of humans approach the house and I retreated back to my corner, I rather be upstairs. The doorbell rang a moment later and all at once everything was normal. Well if you could call any of this normal. Carlisle smiled warmly and went slowly towards the door.
Suddenly Alice was by my side. She snapped her fingers and quickly said, “Bella!” Bella looked over and raised an eyebrow. “If anyone asks you and Anna are cousins.” Alice surveyed me for a moment and I was pretty sure we were thinking the same thing. Bella and I looked nothing alike. She amended “Distant cousins on your mother’s side.” She flashed a smile and ran to the stereo, turning up the volume.

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