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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 102
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“And if I choose not too?” he asked as he started placing kisses along my neck. Man this was tempting but honestly we didn’t have time and we would soon be forced into yet another tense and violent situation.
“Is that all you think about?” I asked though it was a rhetorical question. The answer was yes. Felix has always been a very physical being yet I wouldn’t change a thing about him. It was part of his charm I guess you could say. Plus it could have its advantages.
“No.” he said defiantly but I could hear the subtle lie there. “But it is kind of hard to think of much else with you here. Do you have any idea how irresistible you are?”
“Well if it’s too tempting for you maybe I should sit somewhere else.” I teased as I went to get up from his lap. A low growl emitted from his chest as he quickly pulled me back. I couldn’t help but laugh a little as I placed a quick kiss on his lips before returning to my magazine. He sighed but said no more as he drew random designs along my leg.

Eventually the plane began to slow and I felt it descend as we approached wherever it was that we were going. We were going to be touching the ground in about a minute when I stiffened and a low and angry hiss escaped my lips. “What is it?” he asked concerned.
“It seems they sent Demetri and Heidi to pick us up.” I said in a hard voice. I growled deeply as I felt anger built inside me, I wanted to tear Heidi to pieces. My hands were in fists on my lap and as his one hand attempted to smooth them out he used the other to tilt my head so I was facing him.
“You’re not going to try a kill her are you.” He asked seriously but I could see a smirk playing along his lips. Try nothing, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

“I’m seriously considering it.” I said darkly.
“You know you can’t.” I gave him a skeptical look. “I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve it but honestly it’s not worth it.” He said calmly.
“If our roles were reversed what would you do?” I asked but once again it was a rhetorical question. He would rip the guy to shreds in a second. I could see he was going to deny it until I gave him a knowing look, he knew I wouldn’t buy any of his lies.
His eyes narrowed slightly, “That’s not the same thing.”
“Chauvinistic much, how it any different?” I asked annoyed. He began laughing loudly though I couldn’t see what was so funny.
“Anna, I’m in love with probably one of the strongest vampires on this planet, very sexy by the way.” I rolled my eyes. “How am I chauvinist when I fully acknowledge that you can, if you wanted, easily bury me?” His tone was light and his arms tightened around me. I put my head at the crook in his neck and smiled, feeling a little smug I’ll admit. He didn’t answer my question but I didn’t care, I didn’t want to get angry with him over something so trivial. Besides, my anger was being reserved for someone else.
The plane jolted as it touched down on the ground. My breath came out in a huff. “Fine, I won’t kill her…yet.” I thought for a second and huge grin appeared on my face. “Actually I have a better idea.” He pulled back and looked at my face.
“Which is?” he asked, both curious and wary.
“You’ll see. I’ll need your assistance for the second part.” I said cryptically. He looked at me questioningly, impatience in his eyes but I shook my head. The plane came to a complete stop and once the door was thrown open I threw my magazine onto the chair and stood up. We left the plane, hand in hand, and walked towards a small brick building where the car and other two waited. Snow stuck to the ground in the distance though only a small dusting was present around us. As we came closer I saw Heidi’s eyes narrow slightly and I fought back a triumphant smile.
Demetri came up to us and while his eyes looked back a forth between us for a second, his gaze linguring on our hands, he addressed Felix. “Good job, you two did well.” He clasped a hand on Felix’s shoulder as he gave me a smile, which I did not return. There was something in his eyes though, hidden, when he looked at me and for some reason it sent shivers down my spine. I looked away my eyes meeting Heidi’s and I decided to leave it for a moment while I put the first part of my plan into action.
“If you will excuse me I need to speak with Heidi.” I said, my tone light and conversational. Felix seemed hesitant but after a quick sq££ze he released my hand. As I walked quickly to her side I could feel their eyes on us.
“What?” she said calmly but I could detect to anger and bitterness in her voice. I quickly pinned her to the wall with my hands and dust emitted from the bricks on impact. I didn’t use my ‘ability’ because I wanted to make it clear that I wouldn’t need it to turn her to ash. I tightened my grip and she flinched slightly. Our faces were only a few centimeters from one another and I looked deeply into her eyes, claiming every ounce of attention from her. She was going to listen or else.

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