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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 107
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POV: Anna

Like the dark clouds of an approaching storm we moved silently through the trees, our pace slow and smooth as we neared our destination. My hand grips firmly to Felix’s as he leads me forward, my legs barely working in my distress. No one so much as whispers as Demetri leads the way, honing in on their minds, the blood hound during this fox hunt. The darkest of the cloaks are stationed in the heart of the moving armada, the safest place for them. Cowards.

Aro makes sure to keep a handful of us particularly close to him, including me. The idea that I’m one of his top offensive weapons is enough to make me sick though ripping his head off is a close second. I risk a glance to the side and while they show no emotion on their faces I can see the sadistic gleam in both Jane and Alec’s eyes. They are looking forward to this, wanting yet another excuse to inflict pain. I look away, knowing who they are envisioning writhing in agony, and sq££ze Felix’s hand harder. While I’m sure it is painful he does not flinch. He’s the only thing keeping me intact in these moments.

Those here to witness follow a little ways behind and if I did not sense them I would not know they were there. They are spaced out unevenly, an unorganized mob dying to sink their teeth into something. While they will not partake in the upcoming massacre I know many wish to and if need be they would assist. The animosity runs to deep and the immortal children considered a plaque. No mercy will be shown.

I wonder if he’ll allow them to defend themselves before releasing this unstoppable force upon them, a trial of sorts. Despite what they say I know in every fiber of my being that they are not guilty of this crime. Not that it matters, I would never wish this upon them and if I could I would stand with them. Still, I doubt they will stop to listen. The shear look of determination on Aro’s face is enough to tell me that this is more than just about administrating justice. The greed is evident in his eyes, a man who knows something he wants is so close. I’m no longer ignorant to his real motives though part of me wishes I were. They have come to destroy and to acquire. He looked at me the same way when I was human. I remember that much because of the shear terror I felt in that moment. Being surveyed like an object worthy of his collection and knowing I could not prevent it. It’s a fate worse than death in my opinion and I have a hard time deciding whether death may be preferable for my friends rather than joining me in this prison.

Even now I can feel Chelsea’s hold on me and I know she and Marcus will be keeping a careful eye on me. I keep trying to break this bond but to be honest I don’t know how. I feel like a puppet on strings and every time I try and rip a strand off they move my arm away. I feel cold at the idea of what they may make me do and though Felix promised I wouldn’t have to take part I feel that he may have to break it. Not because he wants to, I know he’ll fight to keep from me harm; physical or emotional. The problem is the same bond that holds me holds him and I fear not even he can prevent this.

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