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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 108
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As we continue to walk, the snow barely disturbed by our advancement, I suddenly feel them. Its faint at first but it continues to grow and I know we’re close. As I scan the approaching group I’m shocked that they are not only not alone but that Alice and Jasper appear absent. At least another thirty have joined them and suddenly a small hope erupts within me. They do not stand alone and it’s an impressive gathering, perhaps strong enough to resist. I do not recognize any of them with the exception of the Denali’s and the wolves, in which the pack has grown significantly. However, before these thoughts can grow further I see Jane’s lip twitch upward ever so slightly and I remember that numbers don’t mean victory. Alec alone can easily render them helpless and with his sister by his side they are unbelievably formidable. The hope is dashed long before it had a chance to live and the despair once again takes hold.
Their speed increases ever so slightly as a light from an upcoming clearing meets our eyes. Within seconds we emerge into the snow covered field, the very field that I fought alongside the Cullen’s a few months ago. Fate once again has a twisted sense of humor. The guard unfolds quickly and efficiently as a collective. One cannot deny the almost sinister beauty of their…of our movements. It is a dance they have performed many times and it is one that displays their power and authority. No one takes notice to the reception waiting for us on the opposite side of the field for they know that they have nothing to fear. The choreography is that of death in every sense of the word. They delve out death like they breath, effortlessly, and they fear no death. A true force of nature.

The witnesses emerge a second later but stay near the border of the forest. While some halter for half a second at the sight they soon regain themselves, knowing they are perfectly safe. I hear several low growls coming from their chests but they do not say anything. Irina and the wives stay near them, they are the equivalent of spectators in this matter though I feel Irina should be front in center so she can properly see what she has done. My head is slightly bowed as Felix positions our bodies in the appropriate spots, I cannot look at them yet but I can still feel them.

As we continue our procession the wolves, hidden before in the trees, move forward and I can hear the faint whisper that is their heart beats as they flank each side of the gathering. I see Aro’s signal and the guard stops in its tracks, something that surprises me and I suddenly realize that it’s the wolves presence that does this. From my peripheral vision I can see Aro’s eyes widen slightly in amazement as he takes in the sight but that calculative gleam is still there. He has placed his pieces, all pawns to him, upon the board and has declared check knowing only a few more moves are left before he is triumphant.

I slowly lift my head, my face hidden deeply in the hood of this suffocating cloak, and survey the crowd in front of me for the first time. My eyes automatically focus on the Cullen’s and my heart is filled with both terror and elation at seeing them. As I take in each of their faces I realize the child on Bella’s back. My eyes widen but I don’t believe it. They wouldn’t, I know them. Surely there is a logical explanation for this…yet even if they didn’t have one I wouldn’t care. They do not deserve this horrible fate yet I know I cannot stop it, not after the others have seen the child with their own eyes. They will proceed with their sorry excuse for “justice”.
I stared at the people I cared for deeply, had grown to love, as they are lined up to die. No matter how much I wish it otherwise I couldn’t help them. I was forced to stay away, a prisoner in my own mind. I think that it’s worse, physically being able to help but held back by invisible forces. Everything had gone so terribly wrong, it was never supposed to be like this! Trapped in this never ending nightmare. I felt my heart break clear in two and suddenly I saw Edward’s gaze shifted to me. He knew I was here and most likely knew how I played a role, no matter how unwillingly. Edward…Forgive me.
-Cont’d of Chp, New perspective (we’re going a little ways back)-

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