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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 109
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POV: Edward
I can feel Bella’s silky touch in mine as we wait, her presence the only thing keeping me sane. The scene is almost complete and I know that any moment now we will be facing down death itself. Like a title wave I am suddenly assaulted by the thoughts of the approaching army and its spectators. I stiffen as I scan their minds, looking for any possible weakness, any shred of hope that I may be able to spare those I love dearest in this world. Nothing.
I can almost see the gears moving in Aro’s mind as he focuses on the people he wishes to claim and how he is going to go about doing this. Caius is focused almost solely on delving out punishments while Marcus’ mind is virtually blank as he follows his brothers lead, not caring for the situation either way. I can hear Jane’s sadistic thoughts as she already envisions us burning in a pillar of flames, but not before she is able to ‘have some fun.’ The guard follows their masters orders without question, confidence and loyalty saturates every one of their thoughts…except for one.

I let out an audible gasp as I register the familiar yet drastically different thoughts. How? I don’t think I have ever seen someone so beaten down as despair and pain emits from her mind. As I delve deeper not only into her mind but the others I can see what has happened to her and my surprise is soon masked by shear anger. A low growl emits from my chest.
“Edward?” What is it son. Carlisle asks. I know he and the others are curious about my reaction and it is a few seconds before I am able to speak.

I say one word. “Anna.”
“Anna, you mean that human vampire hunter we met?” Tanya asks quickly, confused. Only the Denali’s knew of both her existence and death. I hear a few low murmurs from the others who do not know of her but ignore them.

“Edward I don’t understand.” I glance at my father and see the confusion and pain there.

“She’s not dead.” I state point blank. Though I know part of her wishes she were.
“What do you mean? Of course…” he cuts off and suddenly comprehension dawns on his face. Oh no! Edward did they take her? He’s reluctant to voice his fears out loud but is quick to see the meaning behind my words. I nod once and his eyes become a pool of sadness. I can see everyone watching me and my father as we take in the horrible truth.
“Will someone please tell the rest of us what is going on?” Emmett grumbles angrily after a moment. You know how much I hate that Edward. I turned to look at him.
“Anna never died in a car crash, it was staged. Aro had her taken and turned her. He did it himself.” I said in a low voice, trying to contain my disgust and anger. Though I can’t say that I’m surprised and expected him to evntually go after her. I can hear Aro’s clever and calculating thoughts. He knows I can hear them now but does not care. He is confident he can imprison the rest of my family as he did Anna and proceeds to showcase this. Emmett’s eyes widen and for a moment he is at a loss for words.
“Are you sure?” Esme asks quietly though there is a tone of relief in both her voice and thoughts. She has no idea what they’ve done to her, her only thought that someone she cared for is alive.
“Yes, they’re close, another few minutes. I can hear her thoughts now.” I leave out the tone Anna’s thoughts have taken, it’s bad enough I have to hear them. My heart truly goes out to her, knowing she didn’t deserve this fate but I can’t help but feel unerved. “But this poses a serious problem and threat.” I say sadly. Some have yet to grasp the situation fully but I can already hear Eleazar thinking about what to do next. He knows what this can mean for us.
I hear Bella’s beautiful voice, “Threat?”
“She’s a member of the guard and her abilities have no doubt been amplified significantly. I can only imagine what she can do considering the control she had while she was human. In addition her ability won’t be hindered by Bella’s shield. She would most likely be able to render many of us unable to fight.” My voice was grim.
“No way, Anna would never turn against us.” Emmett says forcefully.

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