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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 110
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“No way, Anna would never turn against us.” Emmett says forcefully.

“She doesn’t have much of a choice Emmett.” I reply.
“What do you mean?” He asks. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that Anna would never harm us and if these were normal circumstances I would agree. If it were up to her…

Eleazar came out of his thoughts and spoke. “Chelsea will have her under control. It’s the only explanation on why she is still with them in the first place, I highly doubt she is there by choice. If the bond is strong enough she may do just about anything they ask even if it’s against her will.” He said, answering Emmett’s question. Emmett’s face falls as he takes this in and Esme’s mental voice is a mix of fear for Anna and the rest of us.

“You’re right. Aro is practically flaunting his control over her. He’s already made her do things against her will or manipulated her to do things, he’s quite literally broken her down.” I say darkly. I decide not to go into details though I keep getting glimpses of them.

Emmett growls deeply and flexes his arms. Those sons of bitches! I’ll tear them apart. They’re not only threatening my family but imprisoning them to. Curses continued to pour from his mind and for once I didn’t tell him to tone it down because I felt the same. He felt protective of her, as he does with the rest of us. Though behind his anger there is also guilt for “failing” to protect her, something he wishes to rectify. Eleazar was right about Chelsea’s role, though there is another factor keeping her there, one I didn’t expect.

“There’s more.” I continued
“More?! What else is there?” Emmett asks, as he reigned in anger slightly.

“She is with Felix.” Their relationship is practically screaming at me through Felix’s mind. His concern and love for her is intense and for once his thoughts aren’t focused on the slaughter coming. He doesn’t want to be here any more than she does at this point.
Emmett chuckles but it was more out of surprise. “Like with Felix?” Wow, she sure works fast. I don’t know whether to be impressed or disturbed. I resist the urge to roll my eyes at his thoughts. Leave it to Emmett to find something even remotely funny in a humorless situation. The others were simply shocked and confused at this piece of information.
“Yes he’s her mate but that just serves to bind her further to the Volturi since he is loyal to him.” And Aro knows this, counted on it. Though I see that Felix’s loyalty has diminished in comparison to his loyalty to Anna. He really would do anything for her.
“What are we going to do?” Esme says quietly. “We can’t just leave her with them.” I don’t want to loose her again. I’ve already lost Alice and Jasper. She thinks desperately and I shy away in pain from her thoughts of our missing family members.
Suddenly I stiffen and a low hiss escaped my lips “I don’t think we can do anything.”
“Why?” Carlisle looks at me, as do the majority of our gathering. My mind was alive with the thoughts of almost a hundred separate minds as I tried to concentrate, like hornets in a hive.
“Because they will be entering the clearing in a few seconds.” Bella sq££zes my hand tighter and I can hear Nessie’s breath pick up for a moment. Everyone’s attention immediately turns to the other side of the field as we waited those last few agonizing seconds.
Slowly and elegantly they emerged from the protection of the forest, a sea of grey waves upon the shore and it’s hard to deny splendor of their advancement. I hear them process the sight of all of us but I detect no apprehension. They are the most powerful coven in the world, unstoppable and unchallenged for over a millennia. No one can truly oppose them and they know this. Some actually find this quite amuzing and are eager to delve out pain.

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