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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 112
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Aro’s eyes widen ever so slightly in amazement as he registers their presence. Simply fascinating. His left index finger touches his thumb quickly, almost imperceptibly, and the guard’s procession comes to a stop a hundred yards away. While their faces show no emotion internally they now struggle to remain unconcerned with our growing numbers. Bella grips my hand tighter and a guttural growl emits from her chest as well as some of the others. I fight back my instinctual response to do the same.
Aro continues to survey our group and for one fleeting second he is concerned with the new faces he sees, the amazons in particular. After a moment, however, he abandons those thoughts. I see his eyes flicker first to Jane, then Alec and finally resting upon Anna. He surveys his stolen prize and revels in her gift as he once again proceeds to show me why it is useless to fight. I can see in his mind the moment she woke up into this hell, how easy it was for her to incapacitate them all and also how easily Chelsea bound her to them. He runs through the memories Jane provided with the werewolves. How Anna not only rendered them useless but how she personally took care of the strongest of them with ease. I feel a shiver go down my spine. We’ll all be helpless and Aro knows it. She was a great hunter as a human and now she’s an unbelievable hunter as a vampire. He enjoys seeing how far he can push her and is anxious to see what he can make her do to us.

As Aro and Caius begin to re-access the situation I once again pick up on Anna’s thoughts and my gaze focuses on her partially hidden form. Edward…Forgive me.
I feel a pang of sadness at her thoughts. I do not blame her for anything though she continues drag herself through red hot coals as she thinks of what she’s done. I realize she and Felix brought most of the witnesses but I can also see she honestly had no idea they were for us. If anything I feel my hate burn brighter for how they have manipulated and crushed her. She believes she is partially to blame and I wish desperately to tell her other wise.

Felix’s mental voice intrudes upon my mind momentarily, almost every thought is focused around the woman who’s hand he grips. I’m shocked to see he plans on staying out of the fight if possible. He is normally the one most bent on destruction and violence, he lived for the fight, for the blood and chaos. It’s not that he particularly cares for us but he does not wish to harm Anna knowing the pain it will cause her. He has been alone for over four hundred years and has finally found his true meaning in life, his reason for existence. He rather die than hurt her. I cannot deny the change I see in him though his eyes alone could tell me that as I register the small glint of gold.

I once again focus on the trio in black and suddenly Aro’s thoughts take a slightly different direction. Where is she? He asks himself as he searches the crowd and I see the spiky black hair of my favorite sister in his mind. He wishes to obtain her gift beyond all others, the true driving force behind these actions. He frowns ever so slightly and while he is disappointed he is still determined to claim her. I’ll send Demetri to find her when this is taken care of. As I register this I feel nothing but sympathy and relief that Alice ran. Perhaps she foresaw that this was the only way to keep her power away from him, something I cannot begrudge her for.

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