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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 113
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However after a moment he returns to the task at hand and I prepare myself. They continue to plan their possible moves as piece by piece the many layers are peeled away. The only question is will one of them end a checkmate?

-Cont of Chp, New Perspective-

POV: Anna

Each side remains motionless as a line is drawn in the snow and it seems no one is sure exactly how to proceed. Caius and Marcus begin to silently converse with Aro as they look at the scene before them, deciding what their next move will be. The tension in the air is think and heavy, almost suffocating. I can tell the guard is slightly worried at being outnumbered, something I doubt has ever happened, though they fail to realize that the witnesses would no doubt assist. I can feel Felix’s eyes on me but I am unable to look away now that I’ve seen them, almost mesmerized. The fact that we’ve stopped may be enough to allow this to end peacefully but I’m afraid to hope.

I see Carlisle tilt his head towards Edward and while I can see his lips move I am unable to hear what they are saying. It seems both sides are waiting for the other to make the first move. Edward seems to deliberate for a moment as he looks up and down our line. He nods and answers him back, once again to quiet for even my ears to hear.
Suddenly Carlisle straightens his body and walks forward with deliberation between the two parties. I can’t help but feel a sense of apprehension as he draws away from the safety of his group. After about a dozen steps he stops and opens up his arms, palms out, in a gesture of assurance and companionship. “Aro, my old friend. It’s been centuries.” His voice is genuinely kind and I realise how much I missed his ever compasionate nature. My eyes immediately shift their focus to Aro as I gauge his reaction to Carlisle’s words.

While Caius sneers slightly Aro lifts an eye brow and his head tilts slightly to the side as he contemplates Carlisle’s statement. I can see the wheels in his mind as he further surveys him as well as the others. Each second that passes is agonizing as we await his response. I pray it is as open as Carlisle’s who clearly wishes to resolve this peacefully.
Aro eventually shakes his head slightly and takes a few measured steps forward away from the guard. Floating inches behind him is his personal guard Renata, one of the most pathetic creatures I’ve met I must admit. She is glued to his side as her eyes dart around, it seems she is always in a constant state of fear. Others around me mumble quiet protests at his actions, Jane’s eyes in particular narrow further as she exposes her teeth and Demetri’s eyes move vigilantly. Felix’s body angles slightly forward and I know it’s an instinctual response, he’s protected Aro for so long it’s ingrained into his very nature. I remain perfectly still, pulling him back slightly, and he relaxes back when I do this. The guard is anxious and I see many slip down slightly into crouches.
Aro holds up his hand. “Peace” He says quietly and I let out the air I was holding. He glides a few more spaces before stopping, Carlisle’s stance unmoving. I am unable to see Aro’s face properly but he seems inquisitive. “Fair words Carlisle. Though they seem out of place, considering the army you have assembled to kill me, and to kill my dear ones.” My eyes narrow and I resist the urge to laugh bitterly at his words. Dear ones? Each one of us is expendable to him, some more than others but in the end we’re all tools in his conquest for power. His only true allegiance and love is to himself.

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