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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 114
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Carlisle shakes his head and lets out a slow and deliberate breath as he lifts his hand towards him, despite the considerable distance still between them. “You have but to touch my hand to know that was never my intent.” He says calmly, never breaking eye contact.

Aro’s eyes narrow slightly. “But how can your intent matter, dear Carlisle, in light of what you have done?” His voice is solemn and filled with sorrow but I didn’t buy it for a second. He was waiting for an excuse to challange them. I’m sure Irina looked like a gift from the gods.

Carlisle leaves his hand extended, clearly hoping to salvage this situation and resolve this peacefully. “I have not committed the crime you are here to punish me for.” I can see the truth in his eyes and my faith in their innocence increases ten fold. If only Aro can look past his greed for once in his life.
“Then step aside and let us punish those responsible.” I my eyes narrow. “Truly, Carlisle I would like nothing more than to spare your life today.” If I didn’t know him I would have believed it myself but he is skillful in the art of deceit. I hear a few murmurs from the witnesses behind who clearly do not agree with sparing him. Mindless mob.
“No one has broken the law, if you would just let me explain.” He urges as he raises his hands slightly higher. My eyes go back and forth between the two figures as I grow increasingly frustrated. If Aro would just meet him then maybe this could be solved, though I am fairly sure that is why he won’t do it.
Caius suddenly stalks to his Aro’s side, a low hiss escaping his lips as he stares banefully at Carlisle. “So many un-necessary rules you create Carlisle yet you defend the one that truly matters.” His voice is full of contempt.

“The law is not broken.” Carlisle says calmly though I detect a slight desperation in his voice. “If you would just listen…” Caius cuts him off as I glare hatefully at him. I find it very hard to decide who I loath the most in this disgraceful excuse for a coven.
“We see the child.” He spits back. “Do not treat us like fools.” I see his hands clench quickly in his anger.
His voice is civil, an amazing feat considering Caius’ tone though I don’t expect anything less from Carlisle. “She is not an immortal child. I can easily prove this with just a few moments.” Not an immortal child? For the first time I really concentrate on the child in question tuning out for a moment while Caius continues to argue with Carlisle. I tilt my head to the side when I realize she is not a vampire but also not human. I’ve never felt anything like it before, it’s like she’s some combination of the two. I find myself unconsciously leaning forward slightly and while I refocus my attention on the trio in front of me I can’t help but continue to survey the girl with my extra sense.
“Witnesses Caius just as you have brought.” Carlisle says as he answers a question I missed, indicating to the group behind me. Several of them growl deeply when he addresses them and I resist the urge to roll my eyes. Carlisle then sweeps his arms behind him to his gathered allies. “Anyone of them can tell you the truth about the child or you could just look at her, see the flush of human blood in her cheeks.” Though he speaks to Caius I examine the child further and see a faint blush on her face, impossible for a vampire to accomplish.
“Artiface” Caius roars and Carlisle lowers his hand slightly in response to his anger. Caius is about to continue when I decide to step in, sick and tired of his war mongering.

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