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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 115
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I take a step forward. “Wait, he tells the truth.” I say strongly. I will not stand by and allow them to be blamed for something they are innocent of. The child is clearly not a vampire, I feel it. Both sides focus their gazes on me and I resist the urge to bow my head, beside me Felix sq££zes my hand in both support and caution. Before I continue, however, Caius turns his head and glares at me.

“I thought I told you earlier to hold your tongue. Are you so incompetent that you can’t listen to a simple order?” He says viciously. I bite back a growl and envision ripping off his head. I hear Felix’s voice, so quiet that I barely catch it.
“Anna, be careful.” Normally I would heed his words but my anger and hate for Caius will not subside. I will not be silenced when I speak the truth.
“You speak to me of incompetence? I wouldn’t need to say anything if you weren’t so ignorant as to see the truth that is right in front of you.” I spit back forcefully and I swore I heard a familiar low chuckle from across the field. As Caius stares at me the quote If looks could kill comes to mind but I do not look away.

“You will be quiet. Now step back into your proper place” His voice is low and dangerous and already I can feel my will being bent. As my foot begins to move backward Aro speaks up and stares in my direction.

“Calm brother, while we have different opinions we must not argue among ourselves. Anna dear one what do you wish to say, how do you know he speaks the truth? I assume you have some proof to offer.” He says kindly but I know he is merely trying to salvage the situation and I can see a flicker of anger in his eyes. My confrontation with Caius clearly brings into question their control and cohesiveness, something they cannot afford for it shows weakness. He lifts his hand, an invitation and while I hate allowing him access to my mind I realize this may be my only chance. I let go of Felix’s hand as I begin to move swiftly to his side. Just as I am about to grasp his hand a gust of wind rips through the clearing, blowing my hood back and exposing my face to ice crystals in the air. My eyes shift quickly and I meet Carlisle’s gaze for the first time. I can see the sadness and regret in his eyes as he looks at me.

Aro takes my hand gently and I immediately begin to focus on the child, comparing her aura to the vampires present as well as the humans from Voltera. It is clear as day that she is not a vampire, well not fully and even though I don’t understand what she is he must see, must listen. After a few seconds Aro releases my hand and his face looks both confused and curious.

“Thank you, this is most interesting.” He says quietly. Caius looks at us in disbelief for a moment before the anger returns.
“Enough of this! Where is the informer? Let her come forward.” He turns quickly around, his cloak fanning widely behind him as he searches the forests edge. Eventually he see’s her white blonde hair, blowing lightly around her face, near Sulpicia and Athenodora. He points a white finger at her. “You, come here now.” She doesn’t seem to hear him at first as she continues to gaze horrified at her sisters but eventually focuses a vacant gaze on him. When she does not immediately move Caius snaps his fingers and Armand, one of the more burly members, roughly pushes her forward. As she slowly makes her way to him, her gaze never leaving her sisters, he turns back to me. “As for you, return to your place now.” He all but snarls at me.

“Yes…master.” I say reluctantly, my hands becoming fists at my sides, and move away. No matter how many times I say that word it never seems to become less painful. I avoid the gaze of the others from the opposite side of the field and quickly reclaim Felix’s hand as he gives me a quick sq££ze. While I’m still tense his warm touch helps me regain some composure. I can only hope that my own witness of sorts can help resolve this matter peacefully.

I look upon Irina with a hard stare, she is partially the cause of this mess and I can’t seem to look past her betrayal. As she comes into reach of Caius he extends his arm and strikes her with a vicious back hand. My eyes widen as her hand instinctually fly’s to the spot where he struck her. Despite my less than pleasant thoughts about her even I think that is a low and humiliating blow. She drops her hand as she stares into his face, her eyes flickering with fire and a low hiss is heard from her coven.
While not taking his eyes off her he jabs a finger towards the child. “This is the child you saw, the one that is clearly more than human?” He says quickly and it takes all my strength not to slap him. You would think wisdom would accompany such an ancient being but instead it is replaced by a senile intellect. Clearly she is more than human but she is no vampire, if he would open his eyes and listen to me he would see that but he can’t let go of his lust for blood.

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