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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 117
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Aro glances over his shoulder. “Something we have never dreamed my ever practical friend. Please take a moment to ponder for the justice we intended to deliver no longer applies.” He says patiently but Caius’ face remains infuriated as he leans forward into a crouch. “Peace brother.” Aro says sternly and Caius straightens out. While I felt relief at first I can’t help but feel there is a double meaning behind his words. Aro will not abandon his goals so quickly. I wish to mentally add yet another warning but as Aro is still using Edward as a conduit to others thoughts I fill my mind with mundane jabber for a moment, an attempt to keep him out.
“Will you introduce me to your daughter?” Aro asks pleasantly and much of the guard hisses in disbelief at his words. I look up at Felix and when his eyes meet mine I can see he is just as confused and shocked as me. His daughter, how is this possible? I find myself looking over the child once again, her bronze curls striking a chord.

Edward nods but does not call them over. The two once again converse silently before Aro speaks aloud, his face smiling widely. “I think a compromise is acceptable, we will meet in the middle.” While Aro releases his hand he slings an arm around his shoulder, making sure his hand maintains contact with his skin. They take a few steps forward and the entire guard begins to follow in his wake like some distorted shadow. He holds up his hand to stop us. “Hold, dear ones. They mean us no harm if we are peaceable.” He assures though I could of told him that from the beginning.
“Perhaps you should bring a few members of your guard with you, I’m sure it will make them more comfortable.” Edward suggests and I can see Aro nod in agreement.
He snaps his fingers twice, “Felix and De…” he trails off for a second. “Anna.” I could feel my eyes widen in shock, as do Demetri’s, before I Felix pulls us forward. We’re at his side in a second and I bow my head ever so slightly, leaning carefully into Felix’s side. Why does he continue to do this to me, I swear he enjoys my pain and discomfort. Seeing how far he can push me though if I were him I’d be careful, we all have a breaking point and when it happens not even little Renata will stop me from killing him. I pause and look at his face though Aro shows no sign of hearing my mental dialogue, confident in Chelsea’s abilities to keep me loyal I’m guessing.

We move swiftly to the center of the field, closer to my true family, and stop. I glance over at Felix and he gives me a reassuring smile that I’m unable to reciprocate. “Bella, bring Renesmee…and a few friends.” Edward says in a loud but light voice. She seems to contemplate for a few seconds before answering. Emmett looks like he’s about to jump up and down waving his hands shouting “Over here! Pick me!” and I can’t help but laugh eternally at his face, classic Emmett.

“Jacob? Emmett?” She says quietly and a grin appears on Emmett’s face. Jacob nods his head as the two of them flank her on either side and make their way towards us, the little girl latched onto Bella’s chest. I can’t help but feel apprehensive for the child, surely not even Aro would attack her now, she seems harmless enough to me. However a voice in the back of my mind says otherwise. I hear a small rumble of discontent behind me and I catch a few fleeting words, each focused on the russet brown wolf. Felix, on the other hand, looks at the wolf curiously and is no doubt wondering how strong he is. Even though I know he plans to stay out of any fight, if possible, it is part of who he is to size up any potential threat or rival so I do not dwell on it to much.

Bella pauses a few yards from us and Edward quickly goes to her side, immediately taking her hand. While they seem to share a moment of silent communication the child surveys us with wide chocolate brown eyes. I cannot deny that the closer she comes the more and more she looks like Edward though I am still unsure as to how this could be even possible. Suddenly the wind blows lightly around us bringing forward the unique scent of the girl that seems to go hand in hand with her aura. I can also hear the fast beating of her heart, clearly not going at a normal human pace. She is clearly something no one has ever seen but I don’t feel cautious of her. I can’t help but get a sense that she is an innocent and harmless child.

“Hello again, Bella.” Felix says politely. I nudge him as a warning but he just whispers in my ear. “What, I just said hello.” I give him a small apologetic nod and realize I may have over reacted slightly but my nerves are wired so tight that just about anything will make them snap. His thumb rubs gently on the back of my hand to show that he understands.
“Hey Felix.” She responds and while she holds her gaze on him for a moment she looks at me. “Anna.” She says politely and I’m a little shocked she addressed me, though that may be because I simply wish to disappear at the moment. Her eyes don’t seem angry just resigned.
“Bella…you look good.” I say quietly and meet her gaze, it’s the least I could do, though my voice sounds hollow. Her eyes are a similar shade to mine and it seems that she, like me, has a great deal of control over herself.
“Thank you, so do you.” She responds politely but both of us know this is the last thing I ever wanted. I nod my head as we continue to stare at one another.
“Isn’t this nice, old friends reunited once more.” Aro says quietly though there is a taunting tone to his voice. No one answers his words though a wide range of insults come to mind and Emmett’s eye narrow significantly in his direction. While he addressed us he never takes his greedy eyes off the young girl as he surveys her and I get a sudden urge to shield her from his gaze.
“I hear her strange heart. Smell her strange scent.” His voice sounds almost whimsical as he continues to stare at her. After a moment he shifts his gaze to Bella. “In truth dear Bella immortality does become you most extraordinarily.” He smiles kindly, as if he is a grandfather seeing his grandchild for the first time in a long time. Bella inclines her head and a small glitter of light catches my eye from her neck and I observe a familiar necklace. Aro, it seems, notices the same thing and his face lights up. “You liked my gift?”

“It’s beautiful and very generous of you. Thank you.” She responds a pleasantly calm voice. “I probably should have written a note.”

He waves his hand as if it were nothing. “No need, It’s just something I had lying around though you should actually thank dear Anna here.” He clasps a quick hand on my shoulder and I stiffen in response. “She picked it out after all. I felt I needed a woman’s opinion and I must say she chose wisely, it compliments your face beautifully.” I grimaced as I stared unseeing into the distance, avoiding their gazes. He just has to rub things in doesn’t he, salt upon the wound.

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