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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 118
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Aro suddenly clears his throat and seems determined to return to the matter at hand. “May I meet your daughter lovely Bella.” He says in a sickly sweet tone. While she is clearly reluctant to do so Bella takes a few steps forward as Aro meets her, looking down at the pair of them. “She is exquisite, so much like you and Edward.” He says loud enough that even those furthest away can hear him. “Hello, Renesmee.” He coo’s softly. I wonder why he speaks so deliberately to the child, surely she doesn’t understand what is going on, well I hope to god she doesn’t. Someone so young should not be placed in a situation such as this.
“Hello Aro.” She responds in a wind chime voice and both Felix and I jolt slightly at the sound. She looks to be about two yet she speaks with such clarity and strength, her voice saturated with a maturity far beyond her age. I find myself leaning forward slightly like earlier, captivated by this child. Its like there is a force around her drawing me in.
“What is it?” Caius growls frustrated behind us.

Without taking his eyes off Renesmee Aro speaks. “Half mortal, half immortal. Conceived so, and carried byt this newborn while she was still human.” My eyes widen at this information. Is he serious?! While it seems the stuff of legends it also seems to be the only logical answer. How else would you explain her unique aura and smell that truly seems to hover between the two worlds or her unmistaken resemblance to the two of them, especially Edward. I knew you guys were innocent, but I could do nothing to convince them otherwise. Though not even I could dream up this explanation, still I am truly sorry. I say in my head, praying that with this evidence we can soon leave in peace. Edward inclines his head ever so slightly in response to my thoughts.

“Impossible.” Caius says in a disbelieving tone, ignorant as ever. Aro’s eyes grow hot for a moment before his face settles on a mask of amusement.

“You think they have deceived me then brother?” he asks in a gentle tone though I can hear the edge to it. Caius flinches back slightly and haunches his shoulders. During my short, yet seemingly endless, stay with them it is clear that Caius is almost as expendable as the rest of us and he knows this. “Calmly and carefully brother. In know well how you love your justice” Justice? In what warped universe would this ever be considdered justice or who gave them the right to dictate what is law in the first place. “but there is no justice in acting against this little one for her parentage. I know you do not have the same enthusiasm for collecting histories but please be patient with me brother as I add yet another chapter that stuns me.” He shakes his head in amazement and extends his hand to the child. She does not take it and there is a determination in her eyes as she reaches forward and touches her own little hand to his shale cheek.

While I do not know what she is doing Aro’s eyes seem far away as the minutes pass. “Brilliant” he breaths as she retracts her hand and returns to the safety of her mothers embrace.

“Please.” She begs in a grave tone. She looks into his eyes, her own beseeching and I wonder what she is asking, though I have a guess.

“Of course precious Renesmee, I have no desire to harm your loved ones.” He says tenderly but I don’t believe it for a second. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and I knew from the moment he learned the truth about her that it now includes this precious child. In front of me a low hiss escapes a red headed girl’s lips as she glares murderously at Aro, a larger woman placing a restraining hand on her shoulder. She must hear this blatant lie, though I think most on that side of the line expect no less from him. I find myself wondering if he was ever human.
Aro’s gaze lingers on Jacob and soon surveys the other wolves. “I wonder.” He muses aloud. What that hell is his mind coming up with now I think bitterly and I can see Edward tense as he follows his train of thought.

“It doesn’t work that way.” Edward says harshly and I can see the hostility in his eyes at whatever Aro has been thinking. We all look at him puzzled as Emmett lowers his body ever so slightly. Felix locks his gaze on Emmett but I prevent him from copying his pose.
“Just an errant thought.” Aro says lightly though he continues to survey them with growing speculation and interest.
Edward shakes his head mildly in disgust. “They do not belong to us. They are here because they want to be.” Jacob growls lightly, seemingly in agreement and I have a general idea of what Aro may be thinking.

“They seem quite attached to you though, and your family…Loyal.” His tone is that of admiration but he seems to still look down upon them, like they are mindless animals. I can’t help but compare them to the werewolves I encountered a few months ago and the differences are striking. Even physically they are not the same and my growing suspicions that they are something else increases.

“They are committed to protecting human life enabling them to coexist with us but hardly with you. Unless you’re rethinking your lifestyle?” Edward says, lifting a skeptical eyebrow. When hell freezes over. Monsters, each and every single one of them. I say forcefully in my mind and a bitter laugh escapes my lips. The memory of them throwing those two humans at my feet enters my mind, their faces full of amusement at their suffering, but I try to block it out quickly, ashamed of what I did that day. Beside me Felix sq££zes my hand tightly, cautioning me, but not before Edward gives me a sad glance. He saw my thoughts and I can’t help but look down for a moment. I never wanted them to know.
Beside me Aro chuckles softly, a stark contrast to my previous laugh. “Just an errant thought. You well how that is.” He says fondly.

Edward narrows his eyes. “I do know how it is. But it will never work Aro.” His voice is absolute, designed to break apart whatever Aro has planned in his sick mind. Jacob inclines his head towards him and gives a low m0an, clearly asking what they are talking about. Edward seems hesitant to answer but eventually mutters under his breath. “He’s intrigued with the idea of…” he snarls quietly “guard dogs.”
My eyes widen and my head shakes with amazement and disgust as vicious growls of anger vibrate throughout the field. Not that I blame them and I can only imagine the colourful words being exchanged by the pack at that moment. Eventually I hear one bark like command and it breaks off, the silence returning. Felix smirks slightly and I can see he found that slightly amusing, I’m going to need to have a talk with him later.
Aro imitates Felix’s amazement though I can see a pang of genuine disappoint in his eyes, as if he thought it were actually possible. “I suppose that answers that question. This lot has picked a side.” Aro seems to contemplate to himself for a moment and suddenly Edward lowers slightly, leaning forward. Felix instinctually does the same before I can stop him and soon both Emmett and Jacob take on similar defensive positions. Aro snaps his fingers, indicating for Felix to relax and he does so immediately.
“Calm down.” I say soothingly but quietly to him though I am sure the others can hear me. He locks eyes with me and I can see the apology there. Everyone is on high alert, acting impulsively. I see Emmett’s eyes dart to Edward, clearly waiting for him to make the call and he too relaxes his position.
Aro seems completely unfazed by the last few seconds and continues to talk. “So much to discuss, so much to decide. If you’ll excuse me I must confer with my brothers.” He says in a very business like tone. He raises his hand and I can feel the guard moving towards us, closing the distance between the two sides. Edward and the others begin to back away quickly though it seems like Emmett looks just about ready to grab me and run but soon Edward pulls him backward with him, a wise move. I wish desperately that I could join them and if I am interpreting their stares correctly they feel the same. I lean into Felix, my source of strength, and take a deep breath.

Caius stomps angrily to Aro’s side and glares at me. “Return to your previous position.” He says sharply. Felix bows and drags me backwards with him a few feet though I maintain my own glare on Caius face. It is not Caius, however, that intimidates and worries me. It is the keen mind of Aro sends shivers down my spine. His actions just now indicate that we are not leaving anytime soon despite the truth that has been shown. I can only inmagine what distorted plans he has formulated in his mind, each most likely ending in blood.
All I know is this is far from over…

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