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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 15
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When Carlisle stepped aside to allow the new arrivals in, eight of Bella’s friends filed into the home gazing curiously around. As Bella began to greet them, though there was an edge to her greetings, more of them began to arrive. Each seemed as curious about the Cullen household as the first group. I could see they were definitely impressed. I laughed as I imagined their reactions if someone told them they were entering the home of seven vampires.

The place filled quickly and I was surprised how many seniors attended their school, especially since it was such a small town. I walked around a bit and eventually bolted myself by the staircase. A few people came to talk to me, mostly boys, and asked who I was. I gave them Alice’s story and while they didn’t seemed entirely convinced they didn’t pursue it any further. Many of the girls had come over and started ogling my outfit, asking me questions about the design. Alice gave me a triumphant smile from across the room and I rolled my eyes.

About an hour after the party started I attempted to sneak back upstairs but I found Alice blocking my way. I glared at her and went back to my original spot, mumbling the entire time. Annoying little fortune telling vampire. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just go upstairs. She seemed determined to force me to socialize as she did Bella. Good luck with that one.

Throughout the party, while people swayed with the music, I could see Bella and Edward moving through the crowd mingling. Emmett stationed himself by the food and I saw him chuckling as he scared Mike with nothing more than a smile. When he came my way I quickly hid, knowing he thinks I’m from Fish and Wildlife. I caught glimpses of Alice and she seemed just about ready to jump through the roof at her party’s success.
Carlisle had come to stand beside me. “Enjoying the party?”
“Yup.” I said simply.
I hadn’t convinced him and he looked genuinely concerned, “Are you all right? You seem uncomfortable and on edge.”

I continued to stare ahead, “Let’s just say I was never the social butterfly in school or the life of the party. I tended to avoid those things.” That was putting it mildly.
“Safer.” I looked at him and he seemed confused. “For others I mean. I don’t exactly have most normal life now do I?” He didn’t respond but smiled and continued to stand with me. I didn’t mind, I had gotten used to it. Besides, there was something about his presence that made me feel better. It was almost soothing.

I felt Edward moving towards us, without Bella which surprised me. This was the first time he had left her side all night. Carlisle and I turned to look at him, his face both concerned and furious. He seemed to be trying to decide which emotion was stronger. “Son, what is it?” Carlisle asked immediately.

“Alice saw something about the newborns. We need to speak with Jasper and Emmett, away from everyone else.” Carlisle nodded and began going up stairs, me and Edward behind him. Jasper and Emmett were already in his office. Once we were all in and the door was shut Jasper turned to Edward.
“What happened? What did Alice see?”
“The decisions been made. The army is coming to Forks and soon. One of them carried Bella’s red blouse. She was right, they’re coming for her.” He said this last part through his teeth and his eyes shown murderously.

“Well this changes things.” I murmured
“Ya think?” Edward spat.
“Hey! Don’t go taking your anger out on me. I’m not responsible for this.” I retorted angrily.

He pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment, took a deep breath and looked at me, “You’re right. It was uncalled for and I apologize.” I nodded and mentally added apology accepted.

At that moment Alice came in the room. “What are we going to do now?” Her smile was gone and her face no longer shown with excitement. Dread was the dominant emotion emitting from her now.
Jasper moved to Alice’s side without seeming to think about it. “How many are there Alice?”

“Twenty one today but I can see the numbers going down.” She said quickly. I looked around the room. Everyone but Emmett, who stood there confidently, seemed to be deep in thought.
Jasper looked deeply concerned, “We don’t have enough people to protect everyone. We need to find a way of keeping them from the town, lure them away somehow.”

“Do you think they’ll fall for a trap?” Emmett asked.

“Depends.” Jasper didn’t elaborate.
While Carlisle was not smiling he tried to remain optimistic, “We’ll think of something but later tonight, when everyone has left. We need to discuss this with everyone.”

Alice suddenly dashed out of the room. I felt her slowly go down stairs and meet with Bella and…the wolves? What are they doing here?
“Jacob wished to give Bella a present.” Edward answered. I could see that he didn’t like this but I wasn’t sure why.
Jasper had begun to pace the room but then quickly left to join Alice. I began to think. He was right. We needed to lure them away to a place of our choosing if we were to protect the people in town. Still, twenty one newborns against eight. I agree with Jasper, I didn’t like the numbers. In the city we could have picked them off one by one but as a group it was going to be much harder and far more violent. As I calculated our chances of getting out of this totally unscathed Edwards head shot up and his face no longer reflected despair.
He turned to Carlisle, “The wolves are going to fight with us.”

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