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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 18
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“I’m ready.” Alice skipped down the stairs and walked to towards the back door. “You guys comin?” We followed her out back. Once my foot hit the damp earth the others took off into the night. Emmett got down on one knee and waited for me to get on. I hesitated, its one thing to talk with them but this…

“I’m not getting any younger here, well I’m not getting any older either but you get the idea.” He chuckled, “Just pretend it’s all a bad dream. Unless, of course, you’re scared.” He grinned.

I held my head up and walked over, trying to preserve as much dignity as possible, hooked my leg around his hip and wrapped my arms around his neck. Awkward! He took off with no warning into the trees and I swore heavily under my breath. As he pushed himself faster my gripped tightened. I wondered if this is how a bullet felt being shot of a gun. The wind whipped my face and I saw nothing but darkness. He ran as if he had nothing but the clothes on his back.
We arrived in the clearing a few minutes later. As I jumped down I let out a deep breath, I wasn’t sure if I had taken one since we left the house. “Never, ever, ever again!” I exclaimed, “I’m walking back.”
“C’mon it couldn’t have been that bad.” He punched my shoulder. OW! I began rubbing my shoulder as I walked over to the rest of the Cullens. “Opps, I didn’t hurt ya did I?”

“You wish.” I said under my breath. He just laughed and began walking at human pace alongside me. Nothing ever seemed to darken Emmett’s mood. While I knew where everyone was it took me a few moments for my eyes to adjust. We were in an enormous open field that rested in the shadow of the nearby mountains. It had to be twice the size of a baseball stadium. The sky overhead produced virtually no light for the clouds were smothering the moon like they did the sun. I lifted my hand to check my watch, which luckily had a light built in, 2:40am twenty minutes to go.

Everyone was talking casually and Jasper seemed to be doing stretches though I didn’t see the point. Alice stood a little away from everyone and she seemed to be concentrating. I didn’t want to bother her but her mouth suddenly turned into a pout and she didn’t looks very optimistic. She actually seemed to be wallowing a bit. I walked over to her side. “Anything new?” I asked.
She shook her head, “No. The wolves will be here soon so I can’t see what will happen.” This clearly frustrated her. Her eyes glazed over for a fraction of a second, “but I can see that Edward and Bella will be here in 4 minutes and 22 seconds.”
“Alice, why can’t you see the wolves?” I asked. No one had really explained that one to me

“We don’t know. Carlisle thinks it has something to do with their constant changing of forms. They aren’t solid or consistent and so neither is their future. But that’s only a guess.”
“You don’t like being blind do you?” I asked. She looked at me and stuck out her tongue out as she did back at the house. I couldn’t help but laugh. I take that as a yes.
We continued to stand in silence while the others mingled and Jasper continued his warm up. A few minutes later, 4 minutes and 22 seconds to be exact, Bella and Edward had entered the clearing. They began walking slowly towards us, deep in conversation. I’m surprised Bella came, she must be exhausted but I guess if I were her I would insist on coming to. Hell I did. Emmett’s booming laughter once again filled the wide space.
Carlisle approached them, “When will they arrive?” he asked
Edward looked west and concentrated for a moment. “In about a minute but I’m going to have to translate. They don’t trust us enough to come in their human forms.” Carlisle nodded and walked back over to Esme. I hadn’t seen the wolves since that first, and only, trip to La Push. It seemed like a lifetime ago I was there but I still remembered the enormous black wolf as if it were only yesterday. I wondered how they would react seeing me here with them.
Suddenly Edward said, “Prepare yourselves, they’ve been holding out on us.”
“What do you mean?” Alice demanded. Poor Alice, she wasn’t used to asking those types of questions. I suppressed another laugh. Edward merely shook his head and stared straight ahead. Emerging out of the woods were ten auras. Hmmmm, that’s two more than I felt last time. Either two more had joined or were just not present when I met them. One of them was female, the only woman actually. That must seriously sU-Ck.
Where their stances before were casual and loose, the Cullen’s now began to form a line with both Emmett and Jasper front and center. I stood at the end alongside Alice. Though I could not see them the wolves were approaching slowly.
Emmett muttered under his breath, completely shocked, “D--n! Did you ever see anything like this?” The others exchanged cautious glances.
Bella spoke next, “What is it?” I had to strain to hear her. She spoke only in a whisper and was on the opposite side of the line. I forgot she couldn’t see or feel anything with regards to the pack that was slowly making its way towards us. She was totally blind.
Edward answered her, “The pack has grown.”

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