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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 22
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I stood in the clearing surrounded by the Cullens who formed a wide semi circle around me. I was wearing a dark blue hoodie that was saturated with Bella’s scent. She had worn it everyday for the last four days. Her scent mixed with my human one would help to confuse the newborns, drive them into a frenzy. I was bait. As we waited for the last few minutes to count down I thought back over the last few days leading up to this moment.

-haha several flash backs people, forgive me. But the fight is coming!-

I sat in the Cullen’s living room discussing strategy once again, we had to rework some of our plans. Edward had just left after explaining that he would not be fighting with us. He was going to stay and protect Bella. Emmett was joking around saying the more for him, care free and un-worried as usual. I, for one, was nervous and for once I didn’t snap at Jasper as he tried to calm my nerves. We were one man down and Alice had announced that their numbers had risen slightly. They were up to twenty two and we were down to seven, seventeen with the wolves.

“I wish there was a way we could make things easier. I realize it’s too dangerous but if we did have Bella in that clearing it would make picking them off truly easy. They wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything but her.” Jasper was saying, mostly to himself. An idea came to my mind.
“Jasper?” he looked up. “How accurate will their senses be if they are in a frenzy? What if we could have a Bella decoy, would they be fooled?”

“What do you mean a Bella decoy?” He asked

“Me. What if I wore something of Bella’s, would her scent mixed with my mine be enough to confuse them? Just long enough to give us the upper hand.” I asked, “And even if they realize I’m not Bella I’m sure they won’t care, they’ll probably want my blood just as bad.” I turned to look at him but before he could answer Alice’s eyes glazed over and she smiled.
“It’ll work, but the scent has to be strong.” She ran from the room and was back in a second, a dark blue hoodie in her hand. “I bought this for you but you wouldn’t wear it last night” she gave me a hard glare, “It’ll be a bit big on Bella but if she wears this for a few days her scent will be all over it.”

“I don’t know if I like the idea of you being bait Anna. This is dangerous and they’ll be coming straight for you.” Carlisle said while Esme nodded in agreement, her eyes full of concern.

“I’ll be fine. I’ve used myself as bait before” I thought of several instances where I purposely bled to draw my prey in “and I’m assuming I won’t be alone in that clearing, at least I better not be.” I laughed and the others joined in.
We were in the clearing for the second night of newborn eradication training. Jasper should start a military school for such things. JEA: Jaspers Eradication Academy. I laughed to myself. It was nicer out, well more bright anyway but the air was still unseasonably cold. I sat on the ground beside Alice, Rosalie on her other side, as Jasper and Emmett wrestled on the ground. I just shook my head as I watched them…men. Three wolves sat watching as Bella and Edward entered the clearing.

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