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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 24
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We were standing in the open field as the suns rays darted in and out of the clouds. Alice said we had about another hour before they would arrive and Carlisle was conversing with Sam, though it was pretty much a one way conversation. Suddenly Alice’s eyes went blank and her expression became dark and nervous. Jasper was at her side in a second.

He took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes, “Alice, what is it? What do you see?” The others were listening carefully.
“The Volturi, they decided to step in.” her voice was emotionless but I could see this unnerved her.

“When Alice, when will they arrive?” Jasper asked quickly. She concentrated again.
“Not long after the fighting is over, twenty minutes maybe. It’s just the usual contingency being sent. Jane, Demetri, Felix and two others I don’t know. But it think” her eyes once again went blank as she stared into another reality, “its going to be ok. I don’t see them harming us though the wolves can’t stay. Its not safe for them and I can’t see if they do.”

Carlisle nodded his head and asked Sam to convey the same message to Seth and the others in the mountain. As he did this several eyes fell upon me and I had a feeling we were thinking the same thing. What will the Volturi say about both my knowledge and presence? I felt a genuine sting of fear. The Volturi….
-back to the present-

It was time. I felt them drawing closer before I saw them. I noticed there were only twenty, the numbers had gone down. They had followed the trail created by Bella and Edward and were walking straight into our trap. Jasper is a genius. Ten of them suddenly tore away from the group and headed west into the deepening forest where the wolves were waiting. I could feel their enormous shapes hiding in the trees as they prepared to attack

The remaining newborns emerged from the trees and entered the clearing on the opposite side. Their eyes were glowing bright red and snarls ripped through their chests as they stalked forward. At once each of the Cullen’s sunk into a low grouch and I could see a huge grin stretch upon Emmett’s face.
A breeze tore through the clearing, forcing my hair to lash my face, bringing Bella’s and my scent straight to them. It happened so quickly as the newborns, insane with bloodlust, lunged towards me teeth bared. The Cullen’s disappeared from my sight but I felt them intercept the newborns. As the two groups met the screams of pain and the ear splitting sounds of stone being torn began to echo in the mountains. Cracks of thunder shook the forest as their bodies collided. The Cullens were disposing of them quickly, remembering what Jasper had taught them. They moved with lightning fast speed, always moving, driving the newborns to panic and coming at them from the side.

There weren’t enough of them. One broke through their guard and headed straight for me. Both of my hands were armed as I concentrated. She didn’t have a chance. I gripped tightly and struck, quickly putting an end to the young girl’s life. Blood ran down my blade and began to soak through my sleeve. I dragged her body to one of the piles of twigs and wood we had created earlier.

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