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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Bree stopped screaming. “Oh I know.” Jane smiled at us and turned back to the young vampire. “Now Bree, were there twenty-two of you like he said.”
Bree sat up carefully but did not look Jane in the eye, “Twenty maybe twenty two I’m not sure. It was so chaotic. Sara and another got in a fight on the way.” She cringed lower to the ground, afraid of more pain.
“And did this Victoria woman create you?”
“I don’t know! It was so dark and…and…pain…painful.” She shuddered once again and began to rock back and forth, her hands on her head. “Riley didn’t want us to think of her. He said our thoughts weren’t safe.”
Jane’s eyes flickered to Edward and back to Bree. “Why did you come here?”
She answered quickly, glad that her ignorance was not leading down a painful path. “Riley said we had to fight the strange yellow eyes here because they were coming for us. He said it would be easy and once they were gone the blood would be all ours. He gave us that girls scent,” Bree pointed at Bella and she cringed further into Edwards arms, “He said when we found her we would have the right coven…” Bree broke off.
“Well I guess he was wrong about the easy part no wasn’t he.” Jane replied and Bree nodded her head in agreement. “Well I am impressed with your coven Carlisle. Not many covens would have survived an attack like this intact.” The others nodded in agreement. Jane turned her attention back to the girl “Anything else you would like to say Bree?”

“That one,” this time she pointed to Carlisle, “said he wouldn’t hurt me if I stopped fighting. I was so scared and everyone was in pieces. I don’t want to die.” She shuddered and cried several tearless sobs.

Jane shook her head in mock pity but her smile never her face, “I’m afraid that wasn’t his gift to give young one. Broken rules demand punishments.” Bree stared up at her uncomprehending for a moment before started screaming in pain once again. I couldn’t watch this, not again.
“Stop it!” I said angrily as I glared at the witch. Jane broke her eye contact with the girl and stared at me. A smile started to play around her lips.
“What was that?” she asked.

“You heard me.” I said through my teeth.
“You should show some respect for your superiors.” She said in a smug tone
“I’ll be sure to do that when I see any.” I said coldly. Cullen’s looked at me with wide eyes.
She looked away for a moment and made eye contact with the tall one before looking back at me. The last thing I saw was her teeth glinting in the sun before I was brought to the ground. I had never experienced this level of pain in my life. My entire body was screaming in agony and I struggled to keep my mouth shut. I would not give her the satisfaction of my screams. PLEASE GOD LET IT STOP! I screamed in my head, but it wouldn’t. I thought I heard nearby growls but all I could register was the pain. This went one for what seemed like an eternity until I couldn’t take it anymore and both my mind and body lashed out, “STOP!” I screamed.
Suddenly the pain was gone and I lay gasping on the ground. I could barely hear anything, my heart was throbbing so loudly in my ears and my body would not stop shaking. Suddenly my head starting screaming in pain and I struggled to hold onto consciousness. I felt cool hands on my face as I slowly opened my eyes. Alice was beside me and I realized it was her hands on my face. She was speaking to me in hushed tones but i couldn’t make out what she was saying. My knife lay a few inches by my hand but I didn’t bother to pick it up.

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