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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 39
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“Anna, it’s so good to see you again.” She gave me a little hug. “You must be hungry. Why don’t you get unpacked and I’ll make you something to eat.”
“No it’s ok Esme, I’m fine.” I wasn’t used to being taken care of. Both my mother and I were very independent and while she loved me dearly and wished to look after me more she knew I preferred to do things myself.

“Don’t be silly, you can’t have eaten anything decent in hours.” She patted me lightly on the arm and quickly went off towards the kitchen. Alice grabbed my bag and grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs. The guest room was on the third floor and few doors down from Edward’s room. I walked in and was taken a little by surprise. The walls were the exact same shade as my room back home and the bed spread was very similar to mine. Even the furniture was of a similar design. The only difference was that this room was least twice as big as my own.
“I redecorated it so it was similar to your room back home. I want you to be comfortable while you’re staying with us. Do you like it?” She smiled at me.
“Of course but Alice you really didn’t have to do that.” I knew I was going to get emotional, something I avoid whenever possible, if I didn’t say something else. “Anything would have been fine. Remember I survived about two weeks in that tacky over done motel room. After that I think I could survive anything. Admit it Alice, you were dying for an excuse to redecorate.” I said jokingly.

“Very true but my motives were purely unselfish…mostly.” We both started to laugh. “But let me show you the best part.” She grabbed my hand and led me to a set of doors. She threw them open and edged me into a giant closet. “They’re all your size so whenever you visit you can have plenty of clothing to choose from.” She beamed at me like she had brought peace to the planet.

“You truly have an addiction Alice. Have you tried support groups?”
“Haha very funny. You’ll thank me, you’ll see.” She walked out and I followed. She helped me put my stuff away though I don’t know why I bothered bringing clothes now. As we walked back downstairs we ran into Rosalie and Emmett.
“Buffy!” He yelled. He started walking down the hall towards me and Alice, Rosalie trailing behind. She didn’t smile at me but at least she didn’t glare.

“Still can’t call me by my name can you?” I asked.

“Nope. So, what’s up?”
“Not much, Alice trying to force me into the world of fashion, the usual. You?”
“Town massacres, mayhem and plans for world domination you know, the usual” He began to laugh and I couldn’t help but join in as I continued down to the first level. Esme was there to greet us as we began to catch up and settle in for the evening.
– 4 days later (wedding) –
I was lying on a blanket that was settled in the sand as the sun beat down on me and the ocean waves came closer to the shore. I was the only one on this beach and it was unbelievably peaceful. I let out of sigh if contentment. Suddenly the ground began to shake beneath me. “What the…” I exclaimed and looked around. The ground began to shake harder and I heard a voice in the distance.

I jolted awake as Alice continued to shake me. “Anna! Wake up, I need to get you ready first before I get Bella. C’mon, get out of bed.” She ran out of the room as I fell back onto my pillow. I glanced over at the alarm clock and groaned. 6:00am, she is insane. Some of us actually need sleep. I pulled my blanket up to cover my face and was about to go back to sleep when Alice ran back in.
“Don’t you dare.” She growled. She whipped the blankets away and cold air attacked my exposed skin, causing me to shiver.
“Hey!” I gave her a hard stare.
“Just jump in the shower while I get your outfit ready. I have to get Bella at eight so hurry.” Alice had a crazed look on her face and I thought maybe it was better not to mess up her schedule today. I jumped out of bed and walked quickly to the bathroom. I could tell the house was alive and buzzing. Alice darted in and out of rooms along with Rose and Esme. I made the shower quick and walked back into my room. My dress and shoes were waiting for me on the bed. I ran the towel a few more times in my hair before I slipped on the dress.

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