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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 42
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When it comes to parties, Alice really was quite brilliant. She could probably make a living out of this if she wanted. It was exactly twilight as the wedding party and guests made their way outside to the various tents, tables and dance floor. Flower pedals were falling lightly from above us and it filled the entire area with the most pleasant smell. Everyone lined up, human, vampire and wolf alike, to congratulate the happy couple and soon it was my turn.

I walked up and gave the both of them a hug. “Congratulations guys. I wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity for the future.” I truly mean it Edward. Edward smiled as he and Bella thanked me. I smiled at them both before departing to my seat while the rest of their friends and family expressed their love. The ceremony proceeded smoothly as everyone ate their food, or pretended to. As I was sitting with Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie I was the only one actually eating. I even snuck a few pieces off their plates when no one was looking to help with the deception.
It was by far one of the best meals I have ever eaten though I wasn’t surprised since Alice spared no expense when it came to the caterer. When I snuck a piece of chicken off Emmett’s plate and ate it quickly, he chuckled. “Do you always steal people’s food?”

“Only when said person does not eat and the food is delicious.” I replied seriously, taking the opportunity to steal a bite off of Jaspers. He clearly didn’t mind as he kept scrunching up his nose in distaste when got whiffs of it.

“Well unless you plan on waddling after your prey I suggest you slow down.” He teased earning a glare from me.

After the cake, which Edward bravely swallowed his piece, there was the throwing of the bouquet. I stood still in the throng of Bella’s friends laughing as I watched shoved one another in attempts to grab the small flower arrangement. A friend of Bella’s caught it as her boyfriend, I assumed, looked on in horror. After this was the remover of garter which Edward did with his teeth and threw into Mike’s face. Emmett and Jasper were howling in laughter at poor Bella’s embarrassment, who was glowing bright red at this point. I would have hit them but I would probably just end up breaking my hand.

Edward brought Bella onto the dance floor for the traditional first dance as music began to play softly. Soon the light sound of fabric lightly breezing through the air as people moved with the music filled the tent. I sat back down as watched the couples twirl on the floor and listened to the laughter.
Emmett walked up to me. “Why aren’t you dancing?” he asked. I looked up at his massive form and shrugged my shoulders. He shook his head and held out his hand. “Come on, just one dance.”
I laughed and took it, I may as well. We walked onto the floor and blended in with the crowd. We moved in rhythm with the music and I was surprised how well he could dance. You wouldn’t expect it from someone as big as Emmett. We passed by Alice and Jasper dancing and she was glowing with pride over her wedding planning and gave me a smile. I looked up at Emmett.
“Emmett Cullen fighter extraordinaire and all around goof ball can waltz like a pro.” I teased.

He gave me a wink, “You know it. I am a man of many talents. Just ask Rosalie”
“Emmett, too much information” I shuddered. Those two were not shy about showing their affection in public. He laughed, but luckily shut up, as we continued to twirl through the crowd. He caught me off guard when he suddenly dipped me but once the shock wore off I laughed. Soon the song ended and I surrendered Emmett back to Rosalie.

I was walking back to my table when Carlisle approached me.

“Anna, I would like you to meet a few friends of ours, the coven from Denali we told you about. That is if it’s ok with you.” He said quietly.

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