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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 44
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I was driving down a side road as I approached a large wooden sign, Derant Family Farmers Market: Fresh fruits and vegetables, from our family to yours. I pulled into the small dirt parking lot of the tiny market. I got out of my car and started walking past some small greenhouses to the various displays of food. It was a beautiful day and while the air was clean my nose was wrinkled in distaste as the wind blew the smell of manure towards me. There were about a dozen others there shopping at the moment but I ignored them as they did me. I was on a mission, a mundane mission but I was going to do it.
As I reached the tractor trailer I surveyed the rows of baskets overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables. I still couldn’t believe my mom sent me out into the middle of no where at nine in the morning for these and only two days before we were to go on vacation to South America. She had been cooking a lot lately, pastries mostly. While I was not sure why, though I expected it was nerves because she hated to fly, I didn’t complain. I grabbed the two baskets of strawberries and blueberries that my mother wanted and walked over to the cash register. There was a woman there who was about forty-six with blonde hair that was cut short. She had a pair of dirt stained jeans on and a red t-shirt on.
“Hello miss, I hope you are doing well this lovely morning. Did you find what you wanted today?” she asked in a high and sweet voice. I would have laughed but it seemed genuine.

“Yes I did thank you.” I replied quickly. I wanted to get home and finish packing, I shouldn’t have left it to the last minute and it was a long trip. I couldn’t wait to go. I had never been outside of North America before and even then I was either hunting or camping. I wanted to relax and have some fun in the sun for once. The woman brought me out of my thoughts.

“Well that will be $5.75 please.” I handed her the money. “Thank you. Please come and visit us again soon. Have a wonderful day.” She smiled sweetly and I returned the smile. I walked back to my car my mother’s cargo in my hand. I quickly started the engine and began to drive down the country side admiring the scenery. I had another good two hour drive ahead of me. While it really was a pretty sight I knew I couldn’t live here. I was a city girl at heart. More recently I longed for a more peaceful life but I still craved excitement and adrenaline. While it seemed a good place to visit it was far to isolated for me, to innocent and far to boring for my taste. Oh well no point in dwelling on it.
Soon the fields began to disappear as some trees began to encroach on the scenery. I had been driving for about thirty minutes in silence but I decided some music was in order. I placed in one of my mix CDs, filled with some of my favorites from both the past and recently, and started singing along with the music as I drove.

I walk these streets, a loaded six string on my back
I play for keeps, cause I might not make it back
I been everywhere, still I’m standing tall
I’ve seen a million faces an I’ve rocked them all
As I continued to sing I saw the fruit from the corner of my eye resting on the passenger seat and I had to admit they looked good. Well I am making a four hour trip for them, I guess I’m entitled to a little skimming off the top. I reached over, grabbing one of the strawberries and took a bite ending my atrocious singing. They were delicious.

I continued to drive and was about to take another bite when my hand froze in mid air. My entire body tensed and I quickly dropped the fruit, gripping my steering wheel tightly with both my hands. I was being followed and I recognized those auroras. “S--T!” I yelled and slammed my foot down on the pedal pushing it to the floor, my strawberry now rolling on the floor forgotten. My car lurched forward and soon the dial was touching the very far right of my display. Despite my car speeding dangerously fast down the road they were still coming, three of them. They were to the right of my car, a couple hundred meters away and clearly using the trees as cover. I prayed for my car to go faster but I was already pushing it to its limits. “C’mon. c’mon, c’mon, go faster!” I chanted.

As I raced down the road there wasn’t another car or house in sight and I was in the middle of no where…figures. I instantly knew this was no coincidence. They planned for this, waited for it and I wanted to kick myself for making myself an easy target. I didn’t think I would see them again, well more like hoped for it. How long had they been following me? More importantly, how did I not know? I usually had feelings that would inform me whether or not I was in danger but somehow I missed it this time.

I felt them slowly getting closer and my swearing increased. I was trying to think of a way out of this but so far nothing was coming to mind. I couldn’t do much in my car and I couldn’t take all three on. Stopping was out the question but what was I going to do? Try and outrun them? I couldn’t go home, I refused to bring this down upon my mother. I could go to the Cullen’s but I didn’t want to bring them into this either and besides I couldn’t make it there on one tank. Crap crap crap.

Out of no where one of them darted through the tree’s and slammed into the side of my car while I was going almost 200 m/hr. I heard the crunch of metal as the car began flipping through air before touching down hard on the ground, sending sparks flying, and rolling down a slight incline. The back end was almost torn off as it collided with a tree adding a spin to the madness. I couldn’t make sense of anything and I kept thinking I was going to die any moment. I was being jerked and pulled violently in my seat as I continued to roll, the seat belt digging painfully into my chest.

Finally the car came to a rest and I was suspended upside down as my air bag began to deflate. My heart was on overdrive, I was disoriented and every body part ached. It took me a few seconds to take in my barrings and I realized I was lightheaded as the blood ran to my head. I slowly went to unclip my seat belt but it was jammed. “Stupid piece of junk!” I yelled as I continued to struggle to release myself.

I gave up and tried to reach up from under my seat to the knife I always kept there but gasped in pain. My left arm was burning intensely and I could barely move it. It wasn’t broken but I was pretty sure I had dislocated it. I cradled my arm in my chest as I used my right arm to grab the knife instead. I braced myself as I placed my blade on the strap and sliced through it. I came crashing down onto the roof and glass sliced into my skin. “ARGH! MOTHER F%&$” I cursed loudly.
I had tears in my eyes from the pain as I crawled slowly through the broken window. My breathing was laboured and judging by the pain in my chest I was fairly sure I had my fair share of cracked and broken ribs. I collapsed onto my back in the grass, exhausted. My head rolled to the side for a moment and I saw blue and red smears throughout the car.

My car was absolutely destroyed. The back was barely hanging on and smoke was rising from a number of places. I really liked that car but I was glad to be alive, well lucky really. I moved my left arm slowly again and gasped. I needed to fix my shoulder, something I was not looking forward to.

I straightened it out and relaxed my arm, as much as was possible, at my side. I bent my elbow at a ninety degree angle and rotated my arm and shoulder inward towards my chest. I made a fist as I used my right hand to slowly move my arm and shoulder back outward and pushed on it. My teeth clenched together as I pushed on it further, finally heard a little pop as it went back in place. The relief was instant as I exhaled through my teeth, though the pain in my chest increased.
I sat up, my left arm cradled once again in my chest since it was still weak, slowly stood up and looked west as they approached. I gripped my knife tightly in my right hand as I tried to focus on the three cloaks emerging from the trees. My head was throbbing and my eye sight was slightly unfocused. I probably also had a concussion hell I probably had a lot more injuries than I was currently aware of.

They continued towards me, their cloaks barely moving, in a ‘V’ formation with the smallest and darkest in the front. They stopped thirty meters from me and stared. I glared back at them as I tried to slow down my beating heart. After a moment a familiar apathetic voice met my ears.
“Hmmmm, I’m glad to see you survived.” Jane said though I doubted very much she was pleased to see me alive and kicking…kinda. “Demetri apologizes for his actions a few moments ago but he saw no other way to get you to stop.” She removed her hood and smiled at me as the sun created a shimmering diamond effect on her skin. Demetri and the one I recognized as Bree’s executioner, Felix, followed suit. I couldn’t help but compare them to the Cullen’s and it was no where near as beautiful, it was downright creepy. Their eyes were deep burgundy so they had fed recently though I could still see the desire for my blood as they viewed my open cuts. Disgusting.
Apology my a-s! “You crashed my car and nearly killed me.” I spat viciously. “What the hell do you want?”

“We wish to speak with you.” She said simply as if she was speaking with an old acquaintance.

“So speak.” I wasn’t going to play around with them.

“Maybe somewhere more private.” More private, we were alone in the middle of no where away from the main road how much more privacy did they need? “We would like you to come with us, our masters very much wish to meet with you.” Her smile became more pronounced. Stupid bloodsU-Cking monster, over my dead body I was going with them, which is probably what will happen. Why did they want to meet with me, it made no sense.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline your invitation. Express my apologies to your masters.” I said angrily but before I even finished Demetri stepped forward with a sneer on his face.

“Now see we weren’t really asking. You are coming with us one way or another. Now make things easier on yourself and come willingly.” I said quietly
“How about no and you leave with your head attached to your neck.” I said threatened. I wasn’t going to let them intimidate me, if they wanted me I wasn’t going down without a fight. I angled my blade slightly outwards.
“There’s no need for this to become violent. I think we all know you’re in no shape to fight, you can barely move your left arm and you look like your about to collapse. Please, I don’t wish to hurt you.” It was clear this was a lie, he very much enjoyed seeing me in pain and I could see he had no problem causing me more. He took another step towards me and Jane smiled at him. Felix stayed in his spot and I wondered why. He was definitely the muscle of the group and seemed like the kind of guy who enjoyed a good fight but he just stared at me in a curious manner but somehow it wasn’t demeaning like Demetri’s stare.
He was right unfortunately, I couldn’t fight in my current state, at least not all three. “You made sure I wouldn’t be at my best by crashing my car. You’re just like any other bully, you’re cowards at heart.” He frowned and I smiled, “But you can’t honestly expect me to just lay down and go with you. If you do you obviously no very little about me. If you want me then expect a fight because I’m not afraid of you though I’m pretty sure you’re afraid of me and for good reason.” My voice was cold and my eyes narrowed further. My body screamed in protest as I tensed my muscles for an attack.
Jane began to walk forward, a sadistic glint in her eyes but Demetri but put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. They looked at each other for a moment while their lips moved ever so slightly. She smiled and nodded as she took a step back. I raised one of my eye brows, what were they planning?

Suddenly Demetri disappeared from my sight and came at me from my left, my weaker side. Like I said coward. While it took more effort than usual I stopped him a foot away from me. I quickly moved my right hand towards him and was about to pierce his neck when I was brought to the ground. Jane was torturing me again and as my body contorted in un-natural ways it contributed to the imagined pain Jane created in my mind.

I screamed out, unable to fight it this time, and the pain stopped…mostly. I was gasping on the ground as Demetri circled around me like a shark. My knife lay a few inches from my hand and I went to grab it when something made contact with my chest. I was kicked into the air and landed several meters away. I crashed to the ground hard and I couldn’t breath properly. If I didn’t have any broken ribs before I did now and I clutched my side as I tried to numb the pain. I heard Jane snicker as Demetri slowly approached me, dragging out the torture.
“Come on Anna, just give up and come with us.” He stopped and surveyed me on the ground with amusement. “There’s no need for you to endure anymore pain at the moment, save yourself the trouble. You can’t beat us.” I didn’t miss the ‘at the moment’ part. I didn’t know what they wanted to talk about but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to live long after that conversation. Demetri took another step forward.

“Go…to…hell!” I said between each painful breath. I slowly stood up but my feet were shaking hard as they struggled to support my weight. I could barely move, no weapon and my head was killing me. All in all things weren’t looking to good. I continued to stare daggers at them but he and Jane just smiled. Felix, on the other hand, just stared at me with no emotion on his face. While I didn’t know him personally this seemed out of character for him. I made eye contact with him for a second and he looked away for some unexplainable reason. I turned my attention back to Demetri as he came closer.

“I’ll admit you’re brave and stronger than I thought.” He rushed me and I couldn’t stop him this time as his cold hard hands wrapped around my neck. “But not strong enough.” As I struggled he tightened his grip and my head began to spin. I couldn’t breath and I grasped at his hand in vain. He brought me closer to him, my feet leaving the ground, our faces mere inches from each other. “Just give in.” he whispered.

He loosened his grip slightly so I could take a small breath. “Nev…never.” I gasped.

He shook his head in disappointment and threw me once again. I hit the ground hard once again as a fresh wave of pain shot through my body. My lungs breathed in deeply despite the pain in my chest, greedy for the oxygen that was previously denied to them. I was able to get to my knees but couldn’t find the energy to stand. Demetri made his way towards me twirling my knife in his hands. He brought it up to his finger and looked shocked and amazed as it pierced his skin.

“This really is quite the piece of work. I’m impressed, and trust me when I say that is rare.” He put the knife inside his cloak where I couldn’t get it. He came at me again and I stopped him but I couldn’t hold him for more than two seconds.

He knelt in front of me and smiled. “You lose.” He said quietly, looking me in the eye as I glared, imagining a thousand ways to kill him. Suddenly I felt a sharp smack on my head and fell to the ground. The last thing I heard before the darkness set in was Demetri’s voice. “Call Aro and tell him we’re on our way home with the girl.”
I hoped for a rescue that would never come. There was nothing but silence, I was alone.

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