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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 45
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POV: Aro

I swiftly walked down the elaborate hallway, my jet black cloak floating just above the ground, mulling over my own perfection and power. In over three thousand years I had yet to find my equal on this planet but I would continue to search. Today I was about to add to my power and I was impatient for our guest to arrive. As I turned around the corner I saw Heidi leaning against the wall in all her beauty as she looked down at her cell phone.

While I had to admit that human technology has far surpassed anything I could have ever believed and could be quite remarkable I could never understand the obsession with some of these objects. Even many of the younger members of my guard were attached to these items and were never without them. It must be an acquired taste, one I did not have. As I approached her she put the phone away and smiled at me.

“Heidi my dear one!” I took her face between my hands and kissed her gently on both cheeks. “Would you please find my brothers and ask them to meet me in the turret. Jane, Demetri and Felix will arrive shortly and I wish for everyone to be there.”
“Of course master.” She gracefully walked down the hall way and I continued on my way. I turned down another hall way, passing a set of doors sheathed entirely in gold, walking half way before stopping. I slid a piece of paneling way exposing a plain wooden door. I pushed it open and entered the anti chamber that was covered with ancient stones. It was not large and therefore took all but two seconds to walk through. It led in to a cavernous and circular room that was part of the north east Turret I had built in 89 BCE.

It was dark out so I had a few lamps added for tonight though normally we have no need for artificial light in here. The majority of my guard were already here and I smiled as many bowed lightly as I walked past them. I approached the five large chairs that were placed at the back and took my seat in the center to wait.

In this chair, this throne, I felt very much like a king and I guess in many ways I was. I ruled over my kind and was both feared and respected by them. While I ruled with others I don’t think there was any doubt that my word above others is law. I had been accumulating power for centuries but I was the first to admit it was never enough.

There were still a few more pieces I wished to add to my collection but they would have to wait for now. I still didn’t understand how my dear friend Carlisle could stumble across such prized members when I have searched the entire planet for centuries for ones such as them. I felt a pang of jealousy but it was interrupted when Heidi emerged with my brothers following closely behind her. She walked to the side and began talking with others as my brothers made their way towards me.

“Caius, Marcus!” I said cheerfully as they took their seats on either side of me. They both wore their usual expressions; Caius looked sour while Marcus looked bored. I always felt guilty for what I had done to Marcus and my sister when I looked at his face. While he was alive he did not live and had no desire to. He ruled with us but not enthusiastically. Sigh, what I did cannot be undone so there is no point on dwelling on it. While I did care for my brothers sometimes their lack of enthusiasm annoyed me. They didn’t see the joy and excitement in life I did. Caius merely enjoyed ruling and dealing out punishments. Him and Jane had always gotten along quite well, very similar personalities those two. It did come in handy though so I, of course, I did not complain.
Caius spoke quietly, “I don’t understand why you’re bringing her here Aro. I think we should have just had them kill her and put an end to this. I don’t think you’re plan is going to work.” He was such a pessimist.

“Oh my dear Caius I grave your indulgence, you know I must try.” I said undeterred. I wasn’t going to give up before I even tried and I was dying to satisfy my curiosity about this young woman.

“If you must but she’ll probably be more trouble than she’s worth. If she’s worth anything.” He shook his head.

“Well brother if she becomes a problem we can dispose of her but until then let us follow through with our” he looked at me with an eye brow raised, “I mean my plan.” He nodded and looked ahead as we waited. I usually got my way. Marcus was silent throughout our entire conversation and just stared ahead with his usual expression. I pulled out an old pocket watch from an inside cloak and glanced down at it, 10:47 pm. Jane said we should expect them around eleven.

I heard several different conversations throughout the turret as we waited, each talked about the girl and for good reason. Ever since Jane and the others had returned weeks ago many of the conversations were about this human and others were about the Cullen’s and their disposal of the newborns.
An impressive feat I must admit, one I wished to hopefully learn more about from the girl. While Jane’s thoughts were particularly vicious towards her the others were almost as curious as me.

Alec came into the room smiling and walked up to the three of us. “Master, they have arrived and will be here in a moment.” He announced and I smiled widely.

“Thank you Alec.” I replied as he bowed and backed away to the side. Soon the three of them walked into the room together. Jane ran to her brother, embraced and then quickly rejoined the others. Demetri was carrying the girl in his arms and she was clearly unconscious. She looked very beat up and I frowned.

“Jane, Demetri, Felix! Welcome home.”
They stopped just in front of me. “Thank you master,” they whispered together.

I surveyed the girl and shook my head, “I thought I asked you to bring her to me unspoiled and unharmed.” I gave them a stern look but I couldn’t remain angry, at least she was here and alive. “Ok let’s have the story.” I stood up and held out my hand as Jane came up and took it. Her thoughts and images of what transpired twelve hours earlier passed into my mind. The car crash, Demetri’s actions and her deviance, this girl was interesting. While I do wish Demetri was not so rough with her I was not mad. She was alive and my excitement dwarfed all other emotion. “Hmmm I see, thank you Jane.” She stepped back with the others.
Caius and Marcus stood up and surveyed the girl. “She doesn’t seem like much.” Caius said. He just wanted to get rid of her. “What are you going to do now?” he asked.
“I would like to speak to her but first…” I walked up to Demetri and lay my hand on her forehead, her skin burning mine, as a stream of memories collected in my mind. I passed by a lot of them, the mundane and unimportant ones but a few caught my eye.
-*Here come some memories guys, bear with me*-

She was six and looking up at her father as they sat on her bed. “Daddy, what is it?” she asked, curious as to why her dad wanted to talk to her.

“Babybell, I have something very important to tell you. You may not understand it all now but one day you will.” She remained silent but she was confused. “You know how I have been teaching you to fight?”
“Yes, and I’m getting very good right daddy?”

He smiled, “Yes you are and I’m very proud of you. Do you know why I teach those things to you?” She shook her head. “It’s because someday you are going to help me. Help me protect people from evil creatures. They’re called called vampires.”
“You mean like a superhero?” She didn’t know what a vampire was but she was excited about the idea of being a superhero and she trusted her daddy.
He smiled but there was a sadness in his eyes that she did not register, “Yes sweetie, like a superhero.”

She was nine and walking down the street trying to ignore the feeling of others around her. She was getting better at recognizing what this was and controlling it but it was still a distraction when your eyes see one thing but you feel so much more. She turned onto her driveway where her father is waiting for her.

“You ready for training?” He asked. She knew she could say no, her father had always given her the option. It was such a beautiful day and she wanted to play but this was important so she nodded her head. They got into the car and began driving to the secluded field they used. She threw knives, fought and shot at targets. She was getting better and could even give her father a challenge but he still always won. Her father called her a natural and she couldn’t help but smile.

She was eleven and hiking in the Canadian Rockies when suddenly a rock slide came down upon them. She was trapped and the pain was intense.

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