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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 59
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We began walking down several halls and I allowed Felix to lead since I had no idea where I was going. Eventually they led to what look like some sort of reception area and continued walking towards some elevators at the end. The walls were paneled in wood with thick green carpet covering the floor. There were no windows, only elaborate paintings of the country side that I examined. My new eye sight picked up on the smallest details and the most insignificant defections. It was incredibly annoying and distracting as I tried to admire the paintings but saw every brush stroke and every imperfection. I looked away and looked back at the room. Pale leather couches were placed in various groupings while the strong smell of flowers surrounded the room. There was a mahogany counter in the middle of the room and I saw a woman there…a human woman. I couldn’t understand why she would be here among vampires and not be food already. It seemed like she worked here but I was still confused on how and why? I held my breath as we walked towards her just in case.

The woman looked up as we approached and smiled. “Good evening Felix.” She said lightly and I noticed she batted her eye lashes ever so slightly. Ridiculous.
“Gianna,” He said simply, nodding his head. Her smile fell ever so slightly, like she had been expecting some other form of greeting. She gave me a speculative look but continued to smile. We stepped into one of the elevators and began going downwards. After a moment the doors opened into a luxurious lobby and a pair of large oak doors met us. They were embroidered with the most interesting and beautiful designs and had various precious gems embedded into it. Felix opened one of them and we walked through into a large court yard with cobbled lanes. No one was outside and a clock tower not too far away said that it was 3:00am. Though it must have been pitch black I saw everything with perfect clarity.

I continued to follow Felix as we quickly went through the city in silence. While I felt more comfortable and calm out here with Felix I still felt like I was in a nightmare. That poor man’s face was burned into my mind and I wallowed in guilt and pain. My head fell in shame and I noticed my clothes were different. I had on a pair of black cotton pants with a navy blue t-shirt that had a large stain of blood in the middle. I looked back up, staring a Felix’s back to avoid looking at it.

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