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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 63
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POV: Felix

I walked down an ornate hallway that was lined with doors that led to several rooms. I was in the south west part of the castle where most of our bedrooms and private spaces were. I continued down to the final door on the left but hesitated in front of it. Since Anna was turned a month ago she rarely left her room. She hunted, always with me, but never smiled and never did much else. So far I was the only one she would speak complete sentences to and she rarely looked anyone in the eye. I came here to try and get her out of this slump but maybe I should just let her work this out on her own since nothing I did seemed to work. I was about to leave when I heard her beautiful wind chimed voice through the door.

“Just come in Felix.” She said quietly. She caught me off guard and for a second I wondered how she knew it was me. Then I remembered her gift and I smiled at my lapse of memory. I slowly opened the door and poked my head in. Her room was similar to the others. It was very large and was covered with mahogany wood paneling. The floor in here was a navy blue colour, mine is grey, and an elegant chandelier hung in the middle. There was a large oak dresser that normally would have a large silver mirror above it but she covered with a sheet the first night she was in here. I knew she didn’t like to look at her reflection ever since her first hunting trip. She had a slay bed that matched the dresser and it was covered in a sky blue bed spread. Not many of us needed the beds, and those who did definitely didn’t use it to relax, but many had them for the sake of having them.

As I closed the door behind me I saw that she was lying flat on the bed with her eyes closed, her hands folded on her stomach. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she was asleep. I felt my stomach do little flips and I tried to ignore how I felt when I saw her. Still, I couldn’t help but look over her body with its soft curves and subtle strength. Since the moment I first lay eyes on her I had not been able to get her out of my mind, even when she was human. I’ve never felt like this and I had no idea why she brought these feelings out in me. Heidi has tried a few times in the past to start something but for reason I never saw her as anything more than a friend despite her beauty. Anna was different. She was strong, feisty, intelligent, brave and beautiful, always beautiful. Unlike others she wasn’t afraid of the fight, of getting her hands dirty and I couldn’t help but smirk when I thought about the first time I saw her. Her attitude towards Jane and the rest of us was amusing and enduring, though living with Jane the following weeks was not pleasant. She truly showed no fear or sign of weakness, not taking crap from anyone. She was a warrior but also gentle and caring, qualities so rare. Not to mention her control as a newborn, a feat I thought impossible. She was perfect.

As I compiled my list of her positive qualities, unable to find a single negative aspect to her, I knew I was falling for her and seeing her depressed and locked away like this pained me. No one had ever created such emotions within me and this both unnerved and excited me. I crossed the room and jumped onto the bed playfully leaning against the head board hoping to get a response from her but she didn’t move. This wasn’t surprising but I could help but frown.

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