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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 66
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She sighed again and I could tell she was thinking. I gave her a moment to think but eventually I got impatient. People always complained about my lack of patience. Patience is a virtue! Some would tell me but I’ve never been a very virtuous person to begin with. Actually I was the epitome of sin and was reminded of that often. I started humming the Final Jeopardy song and she gave me a glare. I just smiled and continued to hum the annoying tune louder.

“Fine!” she said angrily and I smiled that she finally showed some life. Her eyes locked with mine and it seemed like she was trying to read my mind. She looked uncertain for a moment but spoke. “I was curious about…” She paused.

“Go on.” I encouraged.

“Well, how you ended up here with the Volturi.” She said quietly. She looked up and I could see she was afraid she offended me or I would refuse to talk about it. I smiled in response and she seemed to relax slightly. I had no issue talking about this.

“Your wish is my command. Alright, hmmm where to start.” I thought for a moment. “I guess I should start at the beginning when I was turned.” She leaned away from the bed frame and gave me her undivided attention. “Now I don’t remember much of anything of my human life, only those last few weeks and some of this I had to do a little historical research, especially some of the dates.”

I chuckled but continued. “As far as I know I was born around 1560 in the city of Girona Spain. My full name is Felix Roberto Ballesteros but that’s all I remember. I don’t remember anything of my parents or what they did for a living but I suspect they were lower class. What I do remember is enrolling the naval army at the age of twenty eight. A few weeks later King Philip II declared war on England which was ruled by Queen Elizabeth I at the time, just my luck eh.” I was looking up at the ceiling as I struggled to remember, everything was so blurry and it had only worsened over time. I rarely thought of my human life, I didn’t see the point since I was happy with what I was now.

“On July 12 1588 the Spanish Armada set sail for an invasion, me with them. It took us over two weeks to get there and on July 29th we engaged in a naval battle. Needless to say our fleets were decimated. Some of us tried to escape on what ships we had left but we met English ships on the way back. My ship was attacked by several English fire ships and it sunk within the hour. I remember falling into the ocean and latching onto a piece of debris to stay afloat. I don’t know how long I was in the water but eventually the currents brought me to the shores of France, not sure where though, and I was close to death.” I looked back at her. She wore a mask of shock and concern but was completely engrossed in my tale.
“What happened next?” she said quietly. I smiled that I was finally getting a reaction out of her.
“I assume someone had found me on the beach and carried me somewhere else. The first thing I registered when I came to was this incredible and torturous burning.” Both of us shuddered as we thought about the pain of the transformation, even in more than four hundred years I still remembered it with perfect clarity. It was just as painful to watch her undergo that transformation. Every one of her screams pierced me and I hated that I couldn’t do anything about it. I shook my head of those thoughts and continued. “Anyways after a few days I woke up as the handsome devil you see before you.” I gave her a wink. “The one who turned me was named Anastasia and she explained what I was and the rules of our world. At first I didn’t believe her, who would, but I soon realized the truth. If my reflection wasn’t proof enough the bloodlust was. She never explained why she changed me, saving me from death, and she left suddenly after a year and I haven’t seen her since so I never got a chance to ask her. So after that I was alone, wandering across the French country side.
“I’m sorry, it must have been terribly lonely.” She said gently. I smiled warmly at her.

“Don’t be, it never bothered me. Now, eventually I went back to my home of Spain and travelled for roughly seventy eight years alone, though I can’t be entirely sure since I rarely kept track of time. I fed when I got hungry and did what ever I could to pass the time. I met a few nomads along the way but I never felt drawn to join any of them. One night I was just north of a major city preparing to go hunting, hiding in the trees, when some guy attacked me. He claimed I was in his territory and that I should leave but I wasn’t about to let this nobody boss me around. When I refused we began fighting, not knowing we were being watched. I was always very strong, even for a vampire, and consequently I crushed the little toad.” My face must of look smug because she rolled her eyes and I laughed. “Well after I won five other vampires emerged from the trees, each with cloaks of varying shades of grey except for the one that was black. I tensed and prepared to attack but one of them approached me saying they did not wish to fight. This was Aro and apparently he and the others had just come back from dealing with another coven that broke the law. He was highly impressed with my fighting skills and strength so he asked if I would accompany him back to Voltera to talk. I knew of the Volturi from Anastasia and I also knew it was foolish to decline such an offer so I agreed. When I arrived I liked it here and agreed to become a member of the guard. Ever since then I have served with them.” I finished and looked at her face.

She was in deep thought for a moment and then spoke. “Thank you for telling me,” She said quietly. “That was very interesting.”
“No problem. Anything else you would like to ask? I’m an open book.” She shook her head and looked out the large window into the night sky. “Can I ask you something?” She turned back to face me, her eyes guarded. After a moment she nodded her head.

“Alright.” She said.
“Why do you keep shutting yourself in here?” I asked. I had a general idea but I wanted to hear it from her.
She didn’t speak at first and look down at the bed spread. This time I remained silent despite my impatience. After a few minutes she looked up and pain radiated out of her eyes. “Because I can’t be around them and look them in the faces after what they did to me, for what they are still doing to me. In here I can be alone with my thoughts, I can let myself feel the full force of my emotions and succumb to them without others seeing. I’m in here because…I hate what I am and I’m trying to reconcile with it. I don’t see how I could never be happy here so what’s the point in trying?” She said this all in a whisper and very quickly, if I was human I would not have been able to hear it. While I was happy here and respected everyone in Volterra I felt some anger towards them for the pain they had caused her. Still, I refused to let her just wallow in here forever.
“Well that doesn’t sound like you.” I stated.

“How would you know, you barely know me.” She said sharply, her defenses up.
“I know you better than you think I do. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert but what I do know is that you’re the kind of person who takes things head on and defeats them. The kind of person who doesn’t hide from her problems but solves them. Someone who faced down an army of newborn vampires and showed no ounce fear, who told off the Volturi and fought with every last ounce of energy you had. Someone who is strong and who knows how to kick some serious a-s.” I said confidently, smirking a little.
She shook her head. “That was the old me but she’s gone.” I was about to contradict her but she put a hand up to silence me. “Its true, I’m not the same woman I was before this happened, I feel so broken. Felix…” She took a deep breath. “what do you do when you hate what you’ve become and it wasn’t even your choice and you know there’s no going back. When you live forever, what do you live for?”

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