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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 74
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Eventually Alice ran upstairs and into her room as reality set in. Jasper ran after her and pulled her onto his lap while on their bed as she cried fiercely into his chest. He stroked her back as he tried to consol her but he could barely control his own grief over Anna’s death, like Alice he had come to care for her deeply. Alice didn’t come out for the rest of the night.

For the first time in weeks the Cullen household was a place of sorrow as we mourned the loss of our friend and a member of this family.

-Continuation of Chp, New perspective-

POV: Anna

The lights were off and the sky was dark as I lay in my bed, my eyes closed, thinking of nothing. Felix had gone off with Demetri for the day to have some guy time, whatever that was. I was bored but could think of nothing to do, well nothing I wanted to do alone. It had been a week since there werewolf incident and this was the first time I had left Felix’s side. I had to admit I really missed him. So here I lay, alone, all day as I did nothing and thought of nothing. It was actually kind of peaceful now that I thought about it, almost like sleep…almost.

I felt Aro coming down the hall but rather than continue on his way he stopped outside my door and knocked. Great, what the hell does he want now? I was prepared to ignore him when he knocked again. I sighed.
“Yes?” I said annoyed.
“May I come in?” He asked politely.
No, but you can jump into a bonfire. I smiled briefly at the thought. “If you must.” I said and sat up. He opened my door and flicked on my light, though he could see perfectly without it. He walked a few paces into my room and stopped.

“Anna, I was hoping you would held with something, give me your opinion.” He smiled sweetly. I hated that smile, I wanted to smack it right off his face.

“Fine, what do you want to ask?” I asked wary, I didn’t see where this was going.

“Oh no, it is not a question I wish to ask. If you would accompany me I will explain when we get there.” He walked to the door and indicated for me to walk through.

“Get where?” I asked suspiciously. I remained unmoving on the bed.
“You will see but no need to worry, we are not leaving Voltera.” He stood firmly in my door way and knew I he wouldn’t leave until I went with him. I jumped off the bed and walked out the door, the sooner I get this over with the sooner he can leave me alone. He walked beside as I followed him through the halls.

“I meant to speak with you earlier, I was deeply impressed by your performance last week Anna. You truly are worthy of being in our guard. It brings me such pleasure!” He smiled warmly at me but I ignored him and kept walking. I didn’t want his praise, it had only ever meant trouble for me. Memories I rather forget seem to be piling up quickly since I arrived here. Aro continued, “And dear Felix, you two have become close I see. I am so glad…” He was about to continue but I cut him off.

“Forgive me…master, but I rather skip the small talk if it is all the same to you.” I said sharply. The last thing I wanted to do was talk about Felix with him, it was none of his business.

“As you wish.” He said kindly, as if I said nothing at all. We continued down the halls until we came to the set of golden doors that one passed to get to the turret. I have never been in there and now that I think about it no one has told me what was inside. He took out a large brass key and unlocked the beautiful doors to reveal an ancient stone stair case that went deeply underground. He walked ahead and began to descend down the spiraling steps with me closely behind him. After a minute we landed at the bottom of a large rectangular chamber. Moisture hung off the stone walls and there was no light, not that it mattered. At the end of the room there was a thick steal door with an electronic key pad attached. He approached the door and quickly typed in a code. 138246. I heard several large clicks as the door unlocked and slowly opened. Air came rushing out of the room, making my hair ruffle lightly. The smell reminded me of old parchment. He flicked a switch as we walked into the massive vault and artificial lights came alive high aove us, illuminating the room in a soft glow. It had to run the entire foundation of Voltera and was filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of shelves that contained various treasures; Paintings, jewels, books, statues, furniture and various other artifacts were there. Their value had to be in the hundreds of billions, if not more. It was defintely a collection that would rival the Vatican or any museum on this planet. I gazed iaround n awe.

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