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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 83
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Caius came and grasped my hand, not wishing the others to hear. And Anna, she is a liability Aro you must know this. Her alligance to them may be stronger than the bond Chelsea has made. She cannot know what is happening, I am unsure if she should even come. If she turns against us…

He did not need to complete his thoughts. He was right, her gift in the hands of the Cullen’s would be most dangerous but she would also be an important asset on our side when the fight began. I was confident that if we got her there she would have no choice but to assist but until then it could be a problem. She may find a way to stop us prematurely. She must not see Irina, her golden eyes would surely give away the truth but I could not send Irina away at the moment. I must keep them from meeting but how…

I knew what to do. “No worries brother, I have an important mission for her and Felix to complete. They will gather our witnesses and meet us there when the time comes. They need only to know the situation for the time being, not who or where.” I said simply.
They? You do not plan on informing Felix? He asked confused. I shook my head, conveying I would explain later. He had not been observing the relationship between the two of them like I had. I saw the danger in it he did not. While I knew Felix would fight with us I also knew that if she asked him to tell her what was going on he would. For now he must also be kept in the dark.
“My brothers and I will begin making the necessary arrangements promptly. Corin, would you please take care of Irina here. Maybe a tour of Voltera before she settles in, may I suggest starting with the our gallery.” I said kindly. It was far away from the private rooms, I did not want an accidental meeting. He went to her side indicating she should follow but she did not move.

“Thank you Aro but there is no need…” I cut her off.

“Nonsense, you have given us important information for which we are grateful. You will be staying with us but I wish you to become familiar with Voltera since it will be a long stay.” She nodded and followed Corin out of the room. her eyes on the floor. I began sending others to do various tasks as my brothers and I went into more detail with our guard.

“Alec, would you please wait for Felix and Anna to arrive and inform them that I wish to speak with them immediately.” I said after a few minutes. They must not surprise us and I wished to have them away from Voltera quickly if my plan was to succeed.
“Of course master.” He said quietly as he left the room.

The wheels were in motion putting our long awaited plan into action. I would get what I was after, and no force on this planet would stop me.

-Continuation of chp, new perspective-

POV: Felix

Anna and I had barely left the elevators when Alec came up to us. “We’ve been waiting, Aro wishes to speak with you two, it of the most importance.” He said seriously as he turned and went quickly down the hall. The two of us exchanged a glance and I could easily tell what she was thinking, somewhere along the lines of what the hell does he want now. We walked quickly to the turret and entered, dozens of angry voices vibrated off the walls. What was going on?

Aro, who was having a conversation with Caius and Marcus, stopped talking and walked quickly towards us. “Felix, Anna, we have an important and long mission for you. I need you to leave immediately and find as many witnesses as possible within the next few weeks.” He said seriously, there was a slight crazed look in his eyes.
“What is this about master?” I asked confused, he’s never rushed a mission before and has never failed to explain the situation before the plan of action. Beside me I saw Anna’s eyes narrow in annoyance and suspicion.

His eyes became grim, “I am afraid that a coven has created an immortal child and several other covens have joined forces to protect the abomination.” As he said these words I growled deeply, as did many others in the room. “We will take care of this, all of us, but I wish to have as many witnesses as possible to see how such treacherous acts are dealt with. I do not wish for this to happen again.” His voice at the end was saturated with venom, uncommon for Aro.
“When you say all of us master do you mean…” He cut me off
“Yes, the entire guard including my brothers and I, even the wives.” My eyes widened at the last part. The wives, they have never left Voltera for such things. I was in agreement that this creation of an immortal child was a serious offence, an offence which no mercy shall be shown, but to send everyone…

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