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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 87
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I came out of my reverie and looked around me but I was still in the field though the sun was beginning to set behind me. To be honest I had no idea where I was or even what country I was in. We were looking for Charles and Makenna who were originally from Scottland but had migrated to the Ukraine about fifty years ago. I must be in the Ukraine by now, I’d been running for hours. I stopped abruptly and pulled out one of the phones Aro had given us as I turned on the GPS. After a second it confirmed what I hoped, I was indeed in the Ukraine and pretty far into the country as well. We weren’t exactly sure where they were, being nomads, but we had a general idea. Hopefully we could find them in a few hours. I shut the phone off and placed it back into my cloak as the sun disappeared. I sighed as I removed the hood, no longer afraid of the suns rays lighting up my skin. I looked around for a moment and spotted a nearby forest, I should probably hunt soon.

Suddenly I felt Felix begin to close in and I took off towards the woods once again. I knew I couldn’t avoid him forever, we would have to talk tonight and discuss where we’re headed but until then I ran. I entered the trees in less than ten seconds and began darting through the trees. Surely there was something good to eat here. I let my senses take over and soon I could smell a heard of deer nearby. I angled my body towards them as I began to hunt. After a while I had manage to satisfy my thirst on three large deer. I ran to a nearby stream to wash my face and hands of both blood and dirt and I felt Felix run in my direction. I took a deep breath and prepared myself.
He emerged from the trees seconds later as I straightened up. He dropped his bag at the base of a tree, throwing his cloak on top. My bag was already on the ground a few meters away as my cloak hung on a branch just above it, moving lightly in the breeze. I glanced at him from between my hair and noticed his eyes were an amber shade. He just stared at me, saying nothing. Without looking at him I spoke, “What’s with the eyes, I thought you weren’t sold on the vegetarian lifestyle.” I said lightly though my voice was slightly shaky.

“There are no humans nearby and I was thirsty.” He said quietly and shrugged though he never stopped staring. He seemed like he was struggling to find the words.
“Oh,” was my ingenious response. After a moment of silence I spoke again. “Well I checked earlier and we’re definitely in the Ukraine. Charles and Makenna’s usual hunting territory shouldn’t be too far, a few more hours. We should probably get going.” I said in a rush and went to pick of my bag, turning my back on him.

“Anna, can I please talk to you. Let me explain.” He said gently though he sounded like he was pleading. I felt a rush when he said my name but I squashed it quickly, this was not a conversation I wanted to have. I hoped it could wait at least until after we found the other two.
“There’s nothing to talk about Felix.” I said quietly as I continued to slowly walk away.

“Would you please stop? I just want to talk, surely I have earned that much.” He said frustrated. I stopped in my tracks and closed my eyes. He was right. He had sheltered me in my darkest hours, given me a small ray of happiness during this hell. I owed him this and then some. Besides, I doubted this would get better over time, may as well face this now.

I took a deep breath as I turned around and looked him straight in the eye for the first time in two weeks. It still felt like a breath of fresh air despite my nerves being tight. I loved him so much. “You’re right. I’m sorry Felix, I’ve just had a lot on my mind is all. Nothing personal I swear. You honestly don’t have to explain anything to me.” I put on a strained smile.

He sighed and looked at me sadly, “But I have to explain. What happened between me and Heidi well it wasn’t what you think and I can’t stand to see you in pain.” He was about to continue but I cut him off.
“Felix, I’m fine. I’m a big girl and perfectly capable of looking after my self, you don’t have to protect me. What happened between you two is none of my business, no worries just be happy.” I smiled again but this time it was a bit more genuine. I really did want him to be happy even if it wasn’t with me, I loved him that much. Still, did it have to Heidi?

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